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Iran all night

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this pic from AP is a liiiittle freaky…….Tweedledork & Tweedledick in Sydney
In America, media like the Washington Post (think Daily Telegraph for rich people) is confidently writing about Iran’s nuclear weapons, which is a bit like talking about John Howard’s charisma – both spurious and misdirected. All Middle East analysis not born of comfortable disregard points out that President Ahmadinejad is not the real power in Iran. He’s more than a Minchin, but less than a Packer – figuratively speaking.

The real power is Ayatollah Khameini, who has declared a fatwa on nuclear weapons – a religious edict, a death sentence. What? You heard about the one against Salman Rushdie but nobody has mentioned this one? Well, would you believe that religious fundamentalists could be a nuclear threat if they’re fundamentally opposed to nuclear weapons?

The American website counterpunch.org recently posted the latest interview with Noam Chomsky. He details the logic of the US reasoning to attack Iran, and it makes sense. Geographically, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and an unoccupied Iraq would logically drift into supplying the Asian power grid. China, the new powerhouse, cannot be bullied by the US so this must be prevented by other means. It’s not so much that America must have the region’s oil – more that if they can’t, nobody else can. Kind of like, um, a Halliburton caliphate.

And as far as the IAEA report on Iran saying they’ve stepped up uranium enrichment to an ‘industrial scale’ (more than hobby sized), it’s a real smoking gun. It proves that Iran has been…oh, shit…telling the whole world the truth.


The new US tactic is to agree with reports that say nothing, and act alarmed. They’ve already used the ‘disagree with expert report, act alarmed’ approach. Weapons of mass destruction? Oh, those again. If they were a concern, America, Australia, and Israel probably wouldn’t have boycotted an international agreement to ban cluster bombs in February which more than 40 countries signed. Hang on. We boycotted a boycott? ….Co-stell-o!?!?

And the new problem in Iraq? Weapons with English, rather than Persian, markings coming from Iran. Those crazy Iranians and their English speaking, Gregorian dated armaments – who do they think they’re fooling? When confronted by skeptical media over US claims they were linked to the Iranian government, Bush spun it like the rocket scientist he isn’t. “Is it worse that they’re coming from Iran and their government knows about it?” meaningful pause, “or that they’re coming from Iran and their government,” pounding with fist, “DOESN’T know about it?” followed by facial expression like kid tying shoelaces for the first time.

War on reality? Yes. War on our intelligence? Absolutely. War On Terror?…More like AIDS on a tumour.


Written by typingisnotactivism

February 25, 2007 at 12:19 am

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