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Howard Government Pushing New Law to Steal Election Before It’s Even Announced

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This is important information for any Australian who thinks voting in this year’s federal election will matter. The following is not an orginal article but a mailer that has just been sent out by GetUp. Like a whole bunch of political slipperiness happening right now, it requires public action and attention before mid-April:

It beggars belief, but this federal election tens of thousands of eligible Australians will be stopped from voting. Will you be one of them?

The Federal Government has passed extraordinary legislation that will close the rolls for new voters at 8pm, on the very night the election is officially called. In the last election, 83,000 first-time voters enrolled in the first week after the election was called. Hundreds of thousands more registered at their new address. But this time they won’t
get that chance – unless we act urgently.

That’s why whether you’re enroled to vote or not, there’s a crucial role for you to play right now. Click on the link below to demand this law be revoked, and help friends and family enrol correctly in the next two weeks – before new changes and extra red tape come into effect on April 16 making it even harder!


In Australia we never know what date to expect the federal election; it’s up to the party in power to decide. Typically, the big announcement prompts tens of thousands of people, especially young, newly-eligible voters, to enrol that week. Hundreds of thousands more remember to register at their new address. It’s been that way since Federation with no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

But this time if you’re too busy or don’t hear about the election in time, and you’re not already correctly enrolled, you can’t vote. Even if you’re organised enough to get in early, new forms and ID requirements are about to come into effect on April 16 – making it that much harder for many Australians overseas or in rural areas to register. And if you’ve been overseas for more than 3 years and you’re not on the roll, you’re still not allowed to enrol from abroad.

The effect of this law – the Orwellian-inspired “Electoral Integrity Act” – is to stop people from voting. Our purpose is to fight back. We’ve made it easy to spread the word to ensure your friends and family are correctly enrolled before the polls slam shut: just use the note below to share this essential campaign with everyone you know, including
Australians overseas!


Spread the word!


Written by typingisnotactivism

April 5, 2007 at 1:05 am

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