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Oekologie 4.1 –> assortment of environmental science related articles recently gathered from around the blogatorium.

Carnival of the Decline of Democracy – it’s a celebration, write?

National Indigenous Times – good enough to raid, good enough to read. Possibly the best regularly updated source of national news and information for people wanting to know more about indigenous affairs, cultural issues and associated political manouevring in Australia.

This “political newsletter” which publishes new material daily can’t be recommended highly enough as a source of perspective, insight, and diversely provocative writing.

Will Congress Finally Cut Them Off? Bush Family War Profiteering by EVELYN PRINGLE

“…The President’s uncle, William (Bucky) Bush, is the most visible war profiteer on the team. He sat on the board of a major military contractor called Engineered Support Systems. Six months before the war in Iraq began, on September 16, 2002, CNN/Money Magazine called ESS one of “seven defense stocks that fund managers like,” and one fund manager said ESS was one of two companies that “would gain the most from a war from Iraq…” Very worth reading.

A Brutal Reply – the Terrorist Walks by FIDEL CASTRO

“…It was not enough to introduce in our country viruses, bacteria and fungi to attack plantations and flocks; and incredible as it may seem, to attack human beings. Some of these pathogens came out of American laboratories and were brought to Cuba by well-known terrorists in the service of the United States government…”

Overland is another under-rated weblication that completely rocks and heavily invests itself in accurate, insightful commentary and reportage.

Commonwealth prosecutor Nicholas Robinson told the Melbourne Magistrates Court that Merhi had asked the cleric: “For example if John Howard kills innocent Muslim families do we . . . do we have to kill him and his family . . . his people like at the football?”
Benbrika allegedly told Merhi: “If they kill our kids we kill little kids.”

Merhi: Innocent ones?
Benbrika: Innocent ones . . . because he kills our innocent ones.
Merhi: We send a message back to them.
Benbrika: That’s it, an eye for an eye.
Merhi: I want in on everything . . . If there is anything you talk to me.

The Court was told Merhi also said: “Sometimes I have got doubts. If I do this, is it pleasing to Him?”
If found guilty, Merhi faces up to twenty-five years in prison, under new laws described by Liberty Victoria’s Chris Maxwell QC as “redolent of Stalinist Russia”. . . . From Thought-Crime & Punishment – another excellent article by Kath Wilson.

In case you missed the good news – Halliburton has solved the problem of global warming for everybody…well, some people. But at least they’ll continue to turn a profit even after the Middle East wars have been won by America and everywhere is peace.

“…Sometimes danger presents broad new opportunities. In New Orleans, for example, Katrina pruned the city, removing people from economic black holes and allowing a redevelopment process that’s gratifying for all of us. Although real estate values plummeted immediately following the disaster, much commercial real estate is already over its pre-storm values.

While we don’t suggest that everyone make climate change the core of their business plan, I can personally guarantee you that level heads will always be able to turn lemons into lemonade…”

And for utter puke & disbelief value, check out the “average American family” at News Max. Can I get a Sieg Heil? The preferred news source for anybody who thinks that climate change is a commie conspiracy, that nuking Mecca is good strategy, that taxing the rich is bad for the poor, or that their Presidency has been a step in the right direction.


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April 16, 2007 at 12:21 pm

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