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Because flags are just pieces of cloth

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Click here or on the pic to check out Imaginif’s special ANZAC Day collection of writings from the Australian blogosphere. Her site is worth a very good look, with a focus on making the protection of children not just a social but a corporate responsibility.

It is a brain cramper to recall that only about 7 years ago some politicians in Australia tried to legislate for a corporate code of ethics. It would have seen companies found to have acted abhorrently overseas held accountable in Australia. The Bill was more or less laughed out of Parliament. Why? Because it would have been too difficult to punish companies for unethical conduct on foreign shores when there is no such law to compel ethical practices within Australia.

For all the patriotic and God-invoking twoddle that will pour today from politicians and media, it is worth remembering that at the heart of it the day is about remembering people who have both sacrificed and been sacrificed in the name of causes both worthy and dubious.

Robert Manne has written an excellent piece on ANZAC as a foundational myth. Australia celebrates ANZAC as the forging of a national identity, while largely denying a very real genocide. As young Australians were thrown into a hell at Gallipoli, modern Turkey was being born from the blood of a million Armenians. A genocidal origin their self-identity also largely and aggressively rejects. Two national identities born in the same moment on opposite sides of the world but with striking similarities with which neither has yet come to terms.


Written by typingisnotactivism

April 25, 2007 at 5:00 pm

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