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May Day 2007…..??

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Sydney’s May Day is on May 6 (WTF?) from 11 a.m. in Hyde Park. Does this mean that Christmas will be December 30 and NYE January 5th? Again…WTF? We’re so hardcore we protest a week after everybody else?Go here for the Wombles’ take on May Day 2007, here for Melbourne Indymedia, and here for a great rundown from Portland IMC of May Days 2001 – 2007 with ongoing updates after the police violence just experienced in LA and elsewhere globally. Blog Green also has good May Day linkage going on.

For a quick history (that the poem below is pinched from) go here

Bernard O’Dowd’s poem, May Day:

Come Jack, our place is with the ruck
On the open road today,
Not with the tepid “footpath sneak”
Or with the wise who stop away.

A straggling, tame procession, perhaps,
A butt for burgess scorn;
Its flags are ragged sentiments,
And its music’s still unborn.

Though none respectable are here,
And trim officials ban,
Our duty, Jack, is not with them,
But here with hope and Man.



Written by typingisnotactivism

May 1, 2007 at 12:28 am

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