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May 2 – International Day of Action against Barrick Gold

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An international campaign against Canadian cyanide giant, Barrick Gold, has kicked up a notch today. Corpwatch has just launched a new global report, Barrick’s Dirty Secrets: Communities Respond to Gold Mining’s Impacts Worldwide, in honour of the occasion.

Barrick is a mega-corp which still plans to extract dirty gold from near the headwaters of an agriculture-dependent valley in Chile. But don’t worry, it’s safe. They’re just going to ‘move’ three glaciers to do it. Yes, they are rabid sociopaths.

The report details activites which span the globe and in many cases displace and damage traditional communities and sacred sites.

Of interest to Australian readers wanting to think global and act local, it details –

how Barrick threatens the water sources in water scarce areas in Chile, Argentina, Australia, and Nevada. In New South Wales, Australia, Barrick’s mine is licensed to use 17 million liters on water per day. Meanwhile, that region is experiencing their worst drought in the last hundred years.

George Bush I was a Barrick appointee for a number of years after being ejected from the White House. He used his influence with national leaders to secure Barrick some cushy access, mining rights, and billions of dollars worth of access to gold ore for next to nothing.

Although there is little need to extract gold, given that there are masses of it stored in reserve to keep the price artificially high, there are 222 new nuclear reactors scheduled to begin construction globally. Gold is about the only metal that can be used to seal reactor housings to prevent the release of radioactive hydrogen – tritium – into water, ecosystems, food supplies, and bones, etc.

So if you don’t like the Bushes, nuclear madness, pollution of groundwater with cyanide or arsenic, destruction of sacred sites, poisoning of ecosystems, abuse of First Nations’ peoples, corporate-government collusion, Tanzanians being sealed by bulldozers in mineshafts, and massive private profits created for no sane purpose, then there are plenty of reasons for you to read the report and to take a look at a new portal to the global campaign.


Written by typingisnotactivism

May 2, 2007 at 2:17 pm

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