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Chance for Aussie bloggers to score 3!!!! extra readers!

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You may have heard of these thingies called ‘Carnivals’. However you may associate that word – be it with food-poisoning or scarey clowns – it is worth remembering that the original Carnival was a day of regional inversion where fool became king, vice versa, etc. etc.

That said, the Fifth Carnival of Australia happens here from next Wednesday. Already some very cool and interesting oddities with strong opinions have been received. If you would like to contribute, please do so here. For inspiration (or just a better idea of what the hell i be talkin’ aboot) check out Carnival 4 at Megan B’s always illuminating (though not necessarily bright-n-cheerful) Imaginif webatarium.

Megan B has kept this fortnightly carnival alive and growing, creating opportunities for more Australian bloggers and writers to get their bits on to people’s screens. There’s definitely imagination, talent, and insight aplenty out there Orstrayleeyar – you just have to send some in!!!

Get writing (whatever you want, more or less) and check back soon.


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  1. […] on the topic of Carnivals, the Carnival of Australia closes to submissions this Monday the 18th of June. If you are an Aussie blogger or a blogger making […]

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