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Carnival of Australia #05 – inspiration, imagination, aggravation, explanation… and 1 exploding bunny.

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Well, the last issue was called ‘Fourplay’. Had no inspiring puns on the number 5 to use this time around, but being little ripper you beaut aussies, fourplay means untying your shoelaces so let’s get on with it, eh! What’s that mate? Came a whole day too early? Strewth….

this is a defining choiceColourful character Craig Harper gets CoA #05 on its feet with You’re not the boss of me at his personal blog. Craig writes “What happens in my life affects me… but doesn’t define me. My choices will define me… because that’s what I’ve decided.” But he also outlines his desire for chocolate cake and a youthful disdain for personal hygiene! Check the page for some aspirational flex & tickle…

…keeping it inspirational, Gillian King has sent in a great little news bite, Order of Australia, from her St. Jude’s blog. Sometimes good things happen to very good people; Gillian writes about the latest recognition for Gemma Sisia and her fine work in establishing a network of free schools for bright children from poor families in Tanzania. Her blog also makes it clear that this special project deserves even wider support and enthusiasm…

…and while Gillian’s got those heart strings a-strummin’, swing over to read Sue Bayliss’ writings about another new wave disorder, dystonia, and the hope for support which sufferers may yet find by Collectivizing Our Experiences. Without any insensitivity, I must say that Spasmodic Dysphonia is one of the best blog names ever, and Sue may want to form a band and hit the road for an industrial grindcore tour should her musical tastes ever change…

….and speaking of changing tastes, Gavin at /etc/cron.whenever/ has taken a cold shower after submitting an absolute scorcher of ecopolitick satire and followed up in CoA #05 with a somewhat more reserved, albeit thoroughly relevant, discussion of one problem with Australian values today. More precisely, how Australia is losing $1 trillion a year

…which may get you in the mood for Matt Tupy’s quick explanation of exchange rates in Passing the Buck, Ruby’s 25 (legal) ways to make quick easy money (none of these sound quick or easy, actually – ed.), and the Urban Monk’s 16 top tips for business creativity and inspiration

….by the way, speaking of creativity and inspiration: on behalf of all CoA’s so far, CoA #05 would like to present Megan Bayliss, aka Imaginif aka Megan B. (her Bananarama/Beastie Boys name) with this weaponised bunny because nothing says “you’re tops mate” like blowing up a (completely) stuffed rabbit in cyberspace

With Abused Kids are Appealing, Megan reminds readers not only that she is a fan of twistical wordplay, but that the end of tax year is descending upon us. Is it the Government coffers or children in need who can most make use of your hard earned income? Abused children are appealing, manipulating politicians are not. Give just $5.00 and help an abused child to recognise that somebody cares…

…and while we’re handing out blank cheques and huge trophies, I’ll bet all the chai in TINA that the next mega-super-crazy prize is unanimous with every reader. Megan has also sent in an amazing piece from a home-schooled 11-year old boy.

He gets this gold star for a mindblowing soul riff titled Australia’s First Nation People are called Aboriginies. Just read it. You’ll see why. What the hell… 11-year old boy also gets this space explosion… because i can… you’ll understand why if you JUST READ IT!

“His learning on the cultural melting pot of Australia may well serve as a lesson in empathy for those white Australians who know little of Indigenous Australia,” says the summary, but even when the words are that nice and that true, something still goes missing in translation…

even Tony Blair likes jokes about British elitism and imperial supremacy…like when a Scottish person in Adelaide submits an English person’s writing about Australian culture to a writer’s carnival that started in Brisbane and has popped in to Sydney for a cuppla weeks. Oh well… bugger it. Colin at Adelaide Green Porridge particularly liked this bit from Crushed by Ingsoc. Hopefully Colin will have the sporran to pop his own scrawls in for CoA #06 because he’s actually quite a goer when the mood is upon him…

… and as we wind up the Carnival of Australia this fortnight, here are some handy and practical tips from Susan Borgas. Like most artists skilled in painting classical still lifes, Susan has a passion for widgets. “Have you wondered how to test your blog or web template for a smaller browser window?” she asks. “This article is my effort to help make it easier for you to quickly check your post at different resolutions.” And what better way to say goodbye than to…say goodbye?! Shout outs from Ms Danielle as she sends an acrobatic Farewell to Pandita….

…BUT… OzLotto style we can still chuck in a few surprise supplementaries: like this absolutely cracking read, Out of Control from Tasmanian author Richard Flanagan, a wonderful piece of reportage from Venezuela by veteran journalist/author John Pilger, and these 3 great pieces from the latest New Matilda, covering genetically modified crops in Victoria, attacks on free speech in Australia, and the blurring of religious and political agendas in Europe.

Oh… and my story on Exxon spokesmen nearly being arrested in Canada over climate policy and human combustion… but that’s it for this issue… really….

So that’s Carnival of Australia #05. Feeling like you’ve got something to say from/ about/ to Australia? Check in here to contribute to CoA #06 before the 4th of July or you’ll be feeling like Tom Cruise with PTSD…

all your basses will belong to i can has cheezburger

as in, you’ll be feeling like Tom Cruise.


5 Responses

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  1. hi thank you for including my site in your blog carnival! 🙂 i’m hoping Pandita will swing back through LA on her way back to Melbourne…no pun intended 😉

    yr very welcome of course, but thanks actually go to you and all other contributors for making it happen. Tell ya matez!! and calling an egoblog an ego blog is hilarious & xlnt. Good one Ms. D – fuh nee 8D

    ms danielle

    June 19, 2007 at 8:14 am

  2. EXCELLENT edition. You have done a bonza job. Thanks for the exploding bunny – gotta wipe out that Myxamtosis so the rest of us bunnies can clearly see that our kids are in trouble.
    >And the exploding stars and planets – Boy is wrapped. You have done wonders for his self esteem. Thank you.
    And as for being a day early. I laughed. Because we come from the land down under we’re always a day earlier than our northern hemisphere mateys anyway. It’s rather fitting I thought.
    Next carnival is over at Home Schooling Aspergers. I’m going to use it as a learning experience for 11 yr old Boy and get him to make some comment on submitted blogs. It will no doubt sound similar to the discourse in Parliament.
    And: my most humble apologies to Gavin at /etc/cron.whenever/. I feel like such a dummy now. I honestly didn’t pick up on last fortnight’s satire. I guess that’s what I get for being a sexual assault therapist. I do have a sense of humour though Colin. Now that I get the metaphor, I find it fitting.
    See you next fortnight Aussies.

    cheerz to ya MB! thanks for the props. It’s funny – have never done this part of a Carnival before, and it started out a little overwhelming BUT i have to recommend it to anybody who can hyperlink. The enthusiasm of the writers (even the ones you may not agree with) is contagious and being at the assembly-end, you get it all at once. As for 11-yr old boy (mysterious fella that he is) that bit of writing really moved me so i’m stoked if he’s happy with how it’s presented. Wouldn’t be sweatin it re Colin’s environcomment either. It’s obvious that you both have senses of humour, quirky as they be, and that’s always going to be a thorny issue for satire….which is actually why the fact that C made it work so well is even more remarkable imho. best to ya ; ) – ed.

    Megan Bayliss

    June 19, 2007 at 1:17 pm

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  4. OK so I hate deadlines. Oh and I have a four and a half month old. And some more excuses!

    Here’s my contribution http://bloggreen.wordpress.com/2007/06/27/weirdest-10-ever-spent/


    June 27, 2007 at 1:01 pm

  5. […] Carnival of Australia #No 05 – inspiration, imagination, aggravation, explanation … and 1 explodin… […]

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