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Visiting Berkeley Professor condemns Australia’s toxic forestry.

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“This is seriously wrong. The population is being poisoned. I have refused to drink the water in Tasmania and so should all Tasmanians.”

How much more Third World can Australia be than to allow this toxic substance into the air, the water and the food chain?”

Dr.Tyrone Hayes, Professor of Integrative Biology at UCAL Berkley USA spoke at a forum organized by community groups entitled AIR, FOOD, WATER – A TASMANIAN CATASTROPHE, at the Tailrace Centre on Saturday.

He presented his research and the research of others which establishes a link between endocrine disruption causing deformities in amphibians and mammals as a result of exposure to atrazine and other herbicides. In Tasmania atrazine is used in agriculture and on a large scale in tree plantations.

“Atrazine is banned in the EU where it is manufactured, because both it and simazine could not be used at all and stay below the EU standard of .01 parts per billion,” stated Prof Hayes. “The World Health Organization has a standard of 2 parts per billion and the USA 3 parts per billion. Australia allows 40 parts per billion which is 400 times the original EU standard. This is seriously wrong. The population is being poisoned. I have refused to drink the water in Tasmania and so should all Tasmanians.”

“Atrazine is even banned in Angola! How much more Third World can Australia be than to allow this toxic substance into the air, the water and the food chain?” he said.

Professor Hayes was asked about cyanazine (one of the triazines) used in Tasmania. “In 1999 the manufacturing company removed it from sale in the USA because of toxicity,” he said. “That’s about as damning as you can get.” Cyanazine is banned in most of Africa and in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherland and Slovenia. But it is still used in Tasmania. Typically cyanazine is used on field peas, chick peas, onions, potatoes, sweet corn, lentils and fava beans.

The FORUM unanimously passed the following resolutions.

  1. This FORUM demands a complete ban in Tasmania on the use of simazine, cyanazine and atrazine, the last banned in the EU since 2003.
  2. This FORUM demands a complete Tasmanian ban on the use of all pesticides in drinking water catchments.
  3. This FORUM demands a complete and immediate end to MIS funded tree plantations.
  4. This FORUM demands the immediate establishment of an independent EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) in Tasmania.

—-any readers wishing to know more can visit Professor Hayes’ site at—- http://www.atrazinelovers.com or make contact with the Tassie crew by callin Bob McMahon on Bob McMahon [(61-3) or 03] 63944225 or 0448 547290

Written by typingisnotactivism

June 26, 2007 at 1:35 am

2 Responses

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  1. Check this story out:
    ‘Data Quality’ Law Is Nemesis Of Regulation

    “Herbicide approvals are complicated, and there is no one reason that atrazine passed regulatory muster in this country. But close observers give significant credit to a single sentence that was added to the EPA’s final scientific assessment last year.//Hormone disruption, it read, cannot be considered a “legitimate regulatory endpoint at this time” — that is, it is not an acceptable reason to restrict a chemical’s use — because the government had not settled on an officially accepted test for measuring such disruption.//Those words, which effectively rendered moot hundreds of pages of scientific evidence, were adopted by the EPA as a result of a petition filed by a Washington consultant working with atrazine’s primary manufacturer, Syngenta Crop Protection. The petition was filed under the Data Quality Act, a little-known piece of legislation that, under President Bush’s Office of Management and Budget, has become a potent tool for companies seeking to beat back regulation…”

    But then consider what Tyrone Hayes said about the use of Atrazine in his US State. They don’t use it in forestry operations. They certainly don’t spray triazines over vast areas and above hills that effectively raise the release height and magnify the potential for drift a hundredfold. They do in Tasmania. Anything goes in Tasmania if you have megabucks, that is.

    Brenda Rosser

    July 9, 2007 at 9:49 pm

  2. wow – that article you’ve posted from the Washington Post is amazing. Surprising that they would run it and keep it online, but that’s exactly the problem with all approaches that hide behind rather than incorporate scientific method. Thanks for the link Brenda.


    July 11, 2007 at 2:54 pm

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