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Howard Insider blows Climate Change whistle – and how!

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Highly recommended by a number of prominent authors and enviro-politic commentators, High & Dry by Guy Pearse looks excellent. It’s just been released with enough time still to go before the election that even slow-reading Aussies might have a clue that Howard is Greenhouse Gollum when the next moment of democratic underwhelm rolls by.

Check out the website via the linked pic below. Features are excellent – extracts from the book, a ‘blog’ of sorts from the author, and updated stats and facts of the day. Nice to see that Alan Oxley, recently defecated upon here as a neocon propagandist and fake expert for hire (see the socio-economic report on the benefits of Gunns proposed pulp mill) has been named as number 2 batsman for the PM’s real XI.

Some handy ‘stats of the day’ from the High & Dry www

70 000 000 cars: By 2050, the Howard government’s own internal projections are that its policy will increase emissions by 70% – the equivalent of adding over 70 million cars to our roads.
11 times: Even factoring in his latest funding announcements John Howard is spending 11 times as much on the war in Iraq as he is on climate change adaptation programs.
81%: Of the funds allocated so far under the Howard government’s flagship greenhouse program (The Low Emissions Technology Demonstration Fund) 81 per cent has gone to subsidise fossil fuel companies
1 000 000 cars: We could take a million cars off the roads tomorrow and the emissions saved would be wiped out by just one new aluminium smelter.

Will hopefully have the book read and reviewed here within the fortnight. If any readers out there have already had the good fortune to read Pearse’s book, please send me your own ‘review’ through the comments section or email and it will be posted here shortly.


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