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John Howard speaks coyly of his Gay encounter

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Oh my duck in fog!

“Yes I did, I met him. And he’s a nice man and we had a pleasant discussion,” Mr Howard said.

“I had a pleasant discussion with other people. We talked about a whole range of things. It’s a free country and I’m entitled to meet anyone of good repute.”

Look John, I know that as a PM and lawyer you’re sharp as a tack, a real prick even. You’re
not to blame for that recent slip-up on Tassie radio. Let’s face it, most of your party members are genuinely forgettable and you actually deserve a medal for never referring to your Foreign Minister as ‘Bosley’. But this latest oral extrusion raises 2 legitimate questions:

1. What was in that “whole range of things” you talked about or more specifically, was
there anything about the Federal court case tying your government and Gunns together in abuse of due process, or political donations, or subsidies, or regulatory guarantees, you know – “things”?
2. How precious is this “free country” over this entitlement “to meet anyone of good repute”? For example, would that include shutting down Sydney so you can have a quiet beer at home with Dick Cheney, an “alleged” war criminal and profiteer? Would it extend to situating snipers on top of Parliament House while you swap pleasantries with Back Door George, also an “alleged” war criminal and profiteer? And how about this whole APEC
thingy which we Sydney mob are getting a holiday for (3 days at home if you stay out of the city, 5-7 years otherwise), given that a few of the people you’re meeting with, and of course you personally, well….

Oh, what the hell. That’s actually more than 2 questions, and I am being such a stick in the mud. What’s a bit of corporate backslapping, human rights abusing, international law-ignoring planetary destruction between neofascist fellow travellers?

More species, more ecosystems, more blood, more bullshit – this machine ain’t gonna keep greasing itself. *sigh* Words flail me.


Written by typingisnotactivism

July 17, 2007 at 1:51 pm

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