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Japan’s reactor and what will surely follow: New Clear Dangers in the Spinformation Age

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Those bloody greenies just won’t give the nuclear industry a chance. As Dr. Helen Caldicott and Professor Ian Lowe were on ABC TV tearing Ziggy Switkowski and a generic uranium lobbyist a new one, a major nuclear reactor was being shutdown following an earthquake and prolonged fire in Japan.

It has so far emerged that several thousand litres of radioactive water escaped into the environment when stored barrels fell over, and that other radioactive isotopes may have escaped through cracks in cement.

The location of a faultline near the reactor was known at the time of building, but the earthquake was twice as intense as any for which the housing was prepared. As a result of the reactor being shut down, Japanese industry has been warned to use less power to avoid an overburdened power grid blacking out.

Although the nuclear spin has not begun in full force, it can be expected to include these elements:

  1. The reactor was promptly shut down, which shows how responsibly modern nuclear plants are managed
  2. It did not turn into Chernobyl which proves how safe modeBosley thinking of his mama's nipplern nuclear plants are.
  3. Even at twice the approved intensity, the earthquake did little major damage – aren’t nuclear power plants wonderful?

Obviously, the problems worth noticing are that:

  1. This happened in Japan where the reactors are run particularly well (better than the Ukraine anyway), and it still took two hours to put the fire out.

  2. Really puts a hole in the ‘only reliable baseload’ argument being leveraged by a doomed industry keenly exploiting global warming desperation since about 1994.
  3. Who the fuck builds a nuclear reactor near a faultline? Ohhhh. Nuclear power plant operators.
  4. Information regarding levels of contamination and radioactive content of escaped materials still hasn’t been released or clarified.

See, radioactive water may just be water that has been used for cooling pipes and isn’t particularly dangerous. Or, it may be tritiated water – which means that it carries a radioactive hydrogen molecule which can and will go anywhere that water goes – e.g. soil, then vegetable, then salad, then bone. At which point it will begin the development of bone cancer in whatever organism is hosting it. When you mutate from the marrow outwards, unless you’re Wolverine it’s game over.

Still, as long as John Howard and all his friends who want to sell uranium are saying that ‘it’s the only clean, green energy source’ we just have to trust them. Because they are so credible.

I really do hope that this thing hasn’t dumped a toxic soup into Tokyo’s surrounds. But I guarantee that the media in coming weeks will see undisclosed nuclear spokespeople trumpet these lines.

The m.o. is essentially this:

hippie screams that guns kill people,
industry says that’s nonsense,
hippie says that history has lessons for the future,
industry says yes and they have been learnt and thankyouhippie for your concern,
industry turns to leave and accidentally knocks M16 to the floor,
bullets spray everywhere causing head injuries, blood loss, blindness, and broken bones,
but no immediate fatalities,
see, says the industry, we told you so. maybe now you’ll believe us.



Written by typingisnotactivism

July 21, 2007 at 2:20 pm

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