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Australian Liberal Party, the nuclear landlord.

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In early June, the Liberal Party Federal Council carried a variety of policy resolutions. Some are already clearly established, such as recognizing that Australia’s entire economic security and wellbeing is based on Kevin Rudd not becoming Prime Minister. Some are becoming increasingly obvious, such as the formal negation of customary law and manipulation of welfare and communal property for Aboriginal communities.

But here comes the kicker – not only because it radically expands an as yet unresolved debate, but because it goes against everything that Liberal ministers and uranium lobbyists have been telling Australians since the resolution passed.

“That Federal Council believes that Australia should expand its current nuclear industry to incorporate the entire uranium fuel cycle, the expansion of uranium mining to be combined with nuclear power generation and worldwide nuclear waste storage in the geotechnically stable and remote areas that Australia has to offer.”

Furthermore, it has now been suggested by Friends of the Earth that Howard may be setting Australia to join George Bush’s Global Nuclear Energy Program (GNEP). The GNEP is intended to create an exclusive club of nations supplying nuclear fuel, disposing of nuclear waste, and funding the development of nuclear technology.

Howard’s May 2006 discussions in the US did apparently turn to nuclear matters. FOI requests relating to these discussions have, however, been refused by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Dr. Jim Green of FOE said, “if he plans to turn Australia into the world’s nuclear dump, he ought to tell Australians before the election, not after.”

 By coincidence or design, the latest Liberal initiative has essentially revoked land rights in the Northern Territory. Simultaneously, their latest unannounced policy calls for a future of dumping global nuclear waste in Australia.

As a signatory to the WTO, accepting nuclear waste from one trading partner may see Australia in future required to accept waste from all partners, or pay massive fines for not doing so.

Few Australian governments have ever been as vindictive as the current administration. Bitterly defeated waste dump plans for South Australia, and ongoing difficulties in the Northern Territory may yet be revealed as factors in the current action-policy nexus.

See www.energyscience.org.au for more


Written by typingisnotactivism

July 22, 2007 at 10:20 pm

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