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George Bush hands power to Cheney – evil plot with John Howard exposed!!!

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Bush explains the procedure during a national speaking tourTurns out that George had to be sedated for a colon cancer exam (what year did General Sphincter cross into Delaware? When did Major Asshole take the Presidency? etc.) and while he’s sedated, power is officially passed to Cheney.

Read those last 6 words again – any sentence which ends in those words and does not involve an electric chair or a car battery is a baaad sentence.

It may well be that John Howard has had his face buried between George’s butt cheeksTweedledork & Tweedledick in Sydney over the last 6 years for entirely different reasons than we assumed (you know – desperation). Renowned for talking nuclear shit, little Johnny may well have been dosing Dubya’s cornhole with sufficient gamma radiation to bring about another overthrow in the US. While the real fake president is sedated as brain surgery is conducted on his glowing green ass, Halliburton will finally officially incorporate the White House – most likely as a tax loss or swap for oil.

All the quality time Johnny spent with Dick in Sydney may have been over something far more sinister than two short bald men with bad eyesight having a beer in plain view.

Colon may yet see Bush swept aside by the rise of Dick.


Written by typingisnotactivism

July 22, 2007 at 12:56 am

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