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Gunns, Assholes, Guns, Racism, and the best dick joke ever.

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Quick news wrap of some Australian news you may have missed.

ALP MP Harry Quick has done what can by and large be expected of most mainstream Tasmanian politicians – put his own interests before anybody else’s. John Howard couldn’t even remember her name but Quick is campaigning for his opponent rather than his replacement at the upcoming election.

Queensland Aboriginal leader Richard Aken was raided by a SWAT team overnight . . . because of a toy gun.

And speaking of toy Gunns, John Gay has had a spray at former justice the Honourable Christopher Wright, over his temerity in attempting to conduct a genuinely independent assessment process when considering the Tasmanian pulp mill proposal. Yeah – working for the public interest and insisting on the appearance and practice of impartiality – what a bastard! Good thing he was criticized just hours before the 4Corners story last night, otherwise his word might have been taken seriously.

THE BOX SEAT: Cowboys, an Indian and a test of character – great opinion piece by Brian Johnstone at NIT looking at the Haneef case as part of a much broader pattern, rather than an isolated miscarriage.

“…My mental image was of a bunch of cowboys circling one hapless Indian.

Minister Andrews stoically refused to consider his decision to revoke the visa, claiming he had relied on information not provided at the bail hearing but refused to say what that was.

Ruddock, the grey eminence of the Howard Government, also refused to be drawn into this aspect of the case.

He had earlier hit the airwaves attacking Haneef’s lawyers for leaking the transcript of the first interview between the Australian Federal Police and their client.

He was urging the Bar Association of Queensland and the Australian Bar Association to consider whether Dr Haneef’s Barrister had committed any ethical breach by leaking the transcript of the first record of interview involving his client.

“There are ethical standards in relation to these matters,” he told anyone prepared to listen.

“You won’t get a fair trial for any individual if you have leaking of material and people endeavouring to influence the court of public opinion.”

This was all delivered with his usual poker face.

And thereby hangs one of the government’s problems.

Anyone who has closely followed the Aboriginal Affairs debate over the past few years knows this particular political prosecutor from the government has form….”

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July 31, 2007 at 12:04 pm

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