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Tasmanian Pulp Mill – Raverty dishes on Lennon’s dirt unit.

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This is a response by Warwick Raverty to a fantastic article in Tasmanian Times. It’s too good not to reprint – I particularly enjoyed his forward-looking nitrogen re-dispersal projection.

Response to Lindsay Tuffin’s “We Are Watching You“, by Dr. Warwick Raverty.

I have been defamed by the Lenningrad dirt unit and I wear it as a badge of honour. I am happy to be called ‘a rabbit’ and ‘a clown’ by Doug Parkinson MLC, someone full of shit by Jim Cox MHA, a mere cardboard boxmaker by John Gay and Terry Edwards if it means a chance of preventing the environmental and social defilement of one of the most beautiful valleys in Australia.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the parliamentary ALP and Liberal parties, Launceston and Hobart are small places and everyone is watching YOU and your debauched and improprietous acts. History will judge you and when you are dead and buried, men and women of goodwill will take their granchildren to the cemeteries in which you are buried to piss on your graves for the entire life of this pulp mill if it is built in the Tamar.

In the meantime all those of us who can still lie straight in bed at nights should perhaps get tee-shirts printed – ‘Vilified by John-Paul and Proud of It – 75,000 Tasmanians Can’t be Wrong’. Ms Neales, McCann, Nettelfold, Jackson and Buckfield and Messers Denholm, Bevilacqua, Stedman and Tuffin can all wear gold bars on their tee-shirts as far as I’m concerned, for they are the bullwarks against ‘BULL’ in Tasmania.

All fair-minded Australians should be proud of them.

As Rudyard Kipling said, ‘If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools…..’

On Monday I am going to apply to the ACCC to force the Tasmanian Department of Premier and Cabinet to rename itself the ‘Department of Knaves and Fools’ under the misleading advertising provisions of the Federal Consumer Protection Act. Anyone want to join me?


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