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Latest Malcolm Turnbull Article Weblished at T.T.

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Yay!! Will post the article in full here in a day or two, giving Tasmanian Times a bit of “exclusivity”. *masturbatorial gesture with left hand*.

Wondering where Malcolm’s worth Went?

Here’s a sample (of the non-jarinated-urine variety, hopefully)

Electile Dysfunction…
The most overly-tumescent cliché in political coverage is surely ‘a week can be a long time in politics’, but it does follow that 10 months in politics is, well, 10 months. In that time, there has been more than just a Kevin Rudd-shaped dent pounded into Malcolm’s future prospects. He has not only been left holding the disgustingly re-legislated taxpayer-funded appeal against the Wielangta decision and fetching the oranges for the Gunns pulp mill approval.

The turn around in Turnbull’s prospects has actually been quite astounding. Sure, he still gets to have his smirk occasionally wiped on the 7:30 Report by Peter Garrett, but one can’t help feeling that his working day must have lost some lustre lately. (more here)


Written by typingisnotactivism

August 6, 2007 at 11:15 am

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