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Costello’s pre-election plan to axe Howard.

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Great story by Tony Wright at The Age and a fantastic photo by Andrew Taylor to go with it. Will most probably count as a 2-strike photo. (There is a rule brought in by the Howard Government of 3 photographic strikes and you’re out of press privileges – unflattering photos in print media are sought out by the Coalition’s media monitors and a strike is recorded against the photographer. Seriously.) Obviously, axing Howard’s going to be a vote winner for most people. But it will be interesting to see what happens now to the warmest business partnership since George met Manuel.

The conversation has remained confidential for the past two years because Mr Costello’s press secretary at the time, David Alexander, insisted it was off the record. The three journalists — including me — reluctantly agreed to treat the explosive conversation as background but kept notes made that evening.

Yesterday Mr Costello effectively broke that agreement when he publicly denied that he had made the comments attacking Mr Howard’s ability to win another election.

He was asked on the Nine Network’s Today program about the veracity of a recent article in The Bulletin magazine that said he had been putting it around in March 2005 that “Howard can’t win. I can.”

Written by typingisnotactivism

August 15, 2007 at 1:00 am

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  1. Any angle to dish the dirt on those two is good. No doubt the dirt they managed to dig up about Rudd was a response to this. If that is all they got, then he doesn’t have to worry too much.

    Colin Campbell

    August 19, 2007 at 4:11 pm

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