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Gunns Pulp Mill Conditionally Approved. Turnbull P.R. campaign an afterthought.

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every bureaucrat involved will act surprised when the mill doesn't turn out like this.Felicity Ogilvie has written up the story. Essentially, Malcolm Turnbull, Federal Environment Minister, is ready to sign off on Gunns pulp mill. Even though representatives of his department have stated in Federal Court that they have concerns about the mixture of toxins which Gunns will pour into Bass Strait, he has made them his scapegoat. When it all goes to Hell, as it will, Turnbull will be able to turn around and say that he only did what his department recommended.

The little bit of “oh look how transparent and participative our system is” will now come in the form of the conditional approval being open for public comment for 10 days. I think that when the conditional approval is referring to “wildlife corridors” being left for endangered species, it is obviously a plan for death incarnate.

In nature, a wildlife corridor is something that can occur within an ecosystem. Animals of particular species develop favoured runs between, for example, breeding and feeding grounds. Destroying natural infrastructure and leaving a strip of trees which the animal has to essentially stick to or die is not a wildlife corridor. It’s an extinction plan.


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