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Australia Just Got Even More Gay…

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That’s right – John Gay, head of loggingy loggingest loggy chip chip forest eater Gunns Ltd. has just made his move from Tassie to mainland Australia. Gunns today exceeded a 50% holding of shares in mainland timber products and plantation company Auspine.

According to the story, the managing director of Auspine still holds a 30% share and has declined to sell. Hard to imagine why – what could be more popular than a company which insists that logging old growth is necessary, that protesters should spend years in court, and that dioxin isn’t that big a deal taking over your business?

Woo hoo!! Gunns on the mainland. Who’d have thought, hey?

I mean, why would you need to set your sights beyond practically owning the will of both sides of your state parliament in Van Diemen’s. What’s the mainland got to offer? Moderately effective environmental laws, protesters with more money for spraypaint because they haven’t had to pay airfare or ferry ticket to get to your office, . . . opposable thumbs?

Still, it may not be all bad.

Some pressure is increasing on Federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull to actually represent the environment rather than boutique business interests. If he delays approval, or better still outright rejects the Gunns pulp mill it won’t be so great for Gunns’ masturbatorially demanded business certainty.

If an increasing public sentiment against Gunns, which must virtually parallel Premier Lennon’s 26% approval rating, does actually lead to the inevitable realistic opening of the books in Tasmania. . . then there won’t be much left for Gay in the way of public subsidies and sweetheart deals on native forests clearfelled at less than wholesale.

The real hope would lie in Gunns deciding to invest heavily in some kind of restructuring or restaffing of Auspine, or in Auspine’s work force running a go-slow campaign out of some vague concern for Australia’s natural environment and the global future. It seems unlikel, however hopeful, that this will come about of its own accord given that Gunns’ legitimate bookies would have no doubt performed due diligence before blessing the takeover.

However, if it leads to an expanded front by which the public can hold Gunns and Gunns’ financial backers accountable in a way that no ministry seems particularly willing to, well. . . that might just prove both interesting and hopeful.


Written by typingisnotactivism

August 24, 2007 at 1:39 am

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