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Globally or locally, LAST CHANCE: Take 5 to personally oppose the annual pulping of 4 million tonnes of Tasmanian old growth. DO IT!!

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YES!!! It’s been a bit of a wait, but public interest web warriors GetUp! have waded into the fight for common sense. If the governments in Canberra and Tasmania still choose not to hear the public or the experts, at least we’ll know it isn’t from lack of being shouted at.

Send your comments to Malcolm Turnbull via the portal here.

The Minister will most likely close any opportunity for comment or submission on Friday August 31, so get in now.

Either head via the GetUp! link or the link to the Department of Environment. It may not be possible at this late stage, but a groundswell of mainland and international opinion might force some of the more influential jokers to think a bit longer and harder before committing Tasmania to a toxic clearfelled nightmare. Worse than what’s being done already, that is.

Although they will likely close soon, there are currently 2 polls being taken in relation to the Gunns Pulp Mill In Waiting.

The Age in Melbourne is asking whether the mill decision will affect the way people vote. At the moment, 85% of people say ‘yes’. And there is a great article on this page by Sue Neales in Tasmania’s leading paper -the poll on this same page is asking a largely Tasmanian audience whether the mill should go ahead. Incredibly at this point, 4 090 votes say ‘no’, while 31 say ‘yes’. Seriously – 4 090 to 31.


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  1. We done it & we done told our friends to do it too. Now we’re gonna duck for cover & wait for the big Bull to throw a tantrum at us like he did to Cousins.

    Capital Ideas

    August 26, 2007 at 12:12 am

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