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Open praise for John Howard in these difficult times.

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Well done Prime Minister!

Your boundless sincerity and human warmth has made 2007 a year of hope and good faith.

Lord knows that the majority of your eternity in power has been devoted to addressing the needs of Aboriginals in distress, creating accessible and user-friendly government unshielded by costly bureaucratic superstructures, caring for human health not only through a universal healthcare but through the most farsighted environmental policies in the world, the equitable redistribution of wealth and – need I go on?.

As for the education system in Australia – well, the quality is evident. Australian media and voters continually demonstrate fantastic nimbleness of mind and in this strength I still see hope for your reelection.

Your prime directive to gain electoral traction by picking fights with State Governments was exposed just weeks after you’d started doing exactly that. Even though the day you received that advice was the day that you declared the Terra Nullius mk.II in the Northern Territory, people are willing – even with the benefit of such explicit hindsight – to discuss your actions as if there is a possibility that they are genuine

What a relief that is! Otherwise more than half of us might see you as a desperate conniving slithering dirty swot and demand that you stand for something that matters, rather than sabotaging societies and ecosystems for political convenience.

We hope you win Mr. Howard. We hope you stick around – long after the million dollar APEC picnic at Bondi is packed away and the stormtroopers pull back out of the CBD.

Because as interest rates go up, as stock markets crash, as illegal invasions spread global terrorism, as Liberal Party donors consume the last remaining old growth forests and last clean water bodies in the country, as Australia increasingly becomes an international pariah and as politicians become increasingly unaccountable, we will need to see you speaking on YouTube, in Parliament, and at the Southern Cross Broadcasting radio affiliates.

Who else can we trust to remind us just how good our government is, and just how badly off we’d all be without you?


Written by typingisnotactivism

August 27, 2007 at 10:28 am

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Nicely put.

    Howard is a joke. I love how has embrqaced UGC media forums like youtube to delvier propaganda and undertaken his office the job of changing his wikipedia entry. He just doesn’t fget it. And my personal favourite – he wont put the environment before jobs and economic prosperity. He is obviously not intelligent enough to understand the inestricable link between the environment, economic prosperity – let alone jobs. No jobs on a dead planet! There’s a reason why antartica doesn’t have a booming economy and the red desert has no population.

    But overall – he just has limited thinking. we can infact create economic opportunities by focusing on our current challenges and being tech / eco driven country…. but he why shift the powerbase that has been so generous too him. he’ll be dead before it matters.

    ed: “There’s a reason why antartica doesn’t have a booming economy” awesome call! thanks for commenting 🙂


    August 27, 2007 at 4:08 pm

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