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Some Handy Oz Aussie Awstraylyun WWWs Youse Wankerz.

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Tired of supporting viciously biased government-funded media outlets like the ABC that proclaim a concern for quality journalism but really just want to so dilute your understanding of Australia that you might end up thinking trees and social justice are good? Fret no more – some of the crew behind the all-too-awesome Chaser’s War on Everything have put together a web & print based weekly fresh out of publicational placenta. The Manic Times promises to do everything but suck. . . unless that’s what you really want it to do
by Robert Williams

An older hand of proven vision and good intentions is Richard Neville. Somehow stumbled across these pages the other day and wish i’d got there sooner.

Lots of luscious, original, and angry creativity here. Definitely good pages to spend a long time picking through and the endorsed links, writers, and artists all lead to similarly rewarding labyrinths.

But it may be that Neville is leaving his own pages undeveloped for a while to publish Home Page Daily which, in short, is a bloody terrific destination in the digital playground. Up and running for three months, I believe it’s still in beta version but it’s a Swiss Army News Blog with globally sourced climate, political, fake, angry, cynical, and cutting edge news and features in mixed media formats so you can read, watch, listen, etc. Very cool way to gauge what’s going on all over when you want to know but don’t have time.

This picture kind of sums up Blogotariat, but at the same time doesn’t at all.

It’ seems a bit shiny and new, but highly user-friendly, quite diversely assembled, and offers a good Australian lens to domestic and international news and events.

Hmm… is also non-partisan, in that it has something for everyone to like or hate lots. Is a bit of an aggregator building towards being a self-reliant web-zine for Australian webscribblers. Link-rich with a smatire.


Written by typingisnotactivism

August 27, 2007 at 11:58 pm

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