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Campaign Against Malcolm Turnbull’s Pulp Approval Kicks Up a Notch.

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Breaking news here – it’s finally getting interesting on the mainland (perhaps long after it should have, but at least it’s on now!!)

 and this handsome number leads to a fresh story about how Geoffrey Cousins has financed the printing of 55 000 copies of Richard Flanagans ‘Out of Control‘ for distribution in Turnbull’s and Garrett’s electorates.


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  1. Cousins is an intriguing character, no? Not sure we understand his dogged denial that he’s campaigning against the big Bull… perhaps this tendancy towards colourful interpretations of reality is a habit he picked up from the company he usually keeps… He’s kind of taking a Clinton-esque liberty with the truth – “I’m not cheating on you, Howard, my relations with the anti-pulp movement are quite pure, honest!” Anyway. We could care less. What’s important is that he’s finally putting out for the side of good. And that smooth & velvety voice! Have you heard him speak? Such lovely intonation – it makes us quite flustered & weak-kneed. Let’s hope he doesn’t jump out of bed with us too quickly.

    ed: I do hope that the Flanagan piece was reprinted on recycled paper – just for the sake of a good move not being sniped by pedantic jerkwads with no personal concern for the environment. Would be a hawt 3-way between him and Malcolm and Peeeeeter. Hope that this momentum stays on – has been exponential for the last few weeks.

    Capital Ideas

    August 28, 2007 at 12:31 pm

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