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Taking advantage of child abuse – Howard Government takes it even further.

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This story filed with Crikey by Henri Ivrey is incredible – not because it is any kind of exception to the rule, or because it is unlike Mal Brough to screw desperate people over, but because the practice has been thoroughly exposed in detail by a non indigenous paper that’s almost mainstream.

It is also amazing because the detail of the story is prescient – this is part of the next mega-grab by Howard et al. and therefore there is some hope if these actions are rejected by the broader national community. It’s an essential story which you’d probably be glad to read in full, but at the very least check out this excerpt:

The early targets appear to be urban-based Community Development Employment Programs (CDEP). In a letter to these CDEP projects in towns and cities up the Stuart Highway, IBA’s “national manager business funding”, Kim McIlveen is keen to introduce “new products and services that your CDEP organisation might qualify for”.

One of these “new products” is “establishing an Indigenous Economic Development Trust, through which assets will be leased to Aboriginal businesses”.

And he is cheerfully offering a helping hand.

“IBA staff and contracted service providers will be visiting each CDEP over the next few months to provide more information and invite you to discuss your business needs.”

The sheer effrontery of it is extraordinary. The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (DEWR), in at least one instance, will be “resuming” an asset from an Aboriginal business which is being offered back for commercial rental to the very Aboriginal business from which it was compulsorily taken.


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August 29, 2007 at 6:59 pm

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