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Breaking News – GetUp gathers 25 000 objections for Turnbull

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This media release has just come throught from GetUp! (the public interest lobby group that encourages free thinking – i.m.o.)

Over 25,000 Australians Tell Malcolm Turnbull: No Gunns Pulp Mill

In the space of only a few days, more than 25,000 Australians have joined
GetUp.org.au’s campaign against Gunns Ltd’s proposed pulp mill in Tasmania’s
Tamar Valley, sending their individual submissions to Federal Environment Minister
Malcolm Turnbull’s public invitation to comment on the controversial proposal.

The Minister has allowed a ten-day period for public comment, which ends this
Friday, 31st August. Almost one thousand GetUp members living in Mr Turnbull’s
electorate of Wentworth have also written to him directly, urging him, as their local
member, to reject Gunns’ proposal in its current form.

“This is an overwhelming statement from the Australian people rejecting this illthought
and retrograde industrial development which will harm Tasmania’s
environment and economy,” said GetUp Executive Director Brett Solomon. “Gunns
has an incredibly powerful lobbying voice, but these 25,000 submissions should
remind our politicians who they really answer to.”

The Minister is required to consider whether a proposed development will have a
significant impact on matters of national environmental significance, and his interim
decision focussed on the threat to threatened, migratory and marine species. The
proposed mill will wreak havoc on the tourism, fishing, agriculture and wine industries
in the area, and do untold environmental damage.

“A quarter of a century ago, national public outcry over the proposed destruction of
Tasmanian wilderness helped bring down a Federal Government,” said Mr Solomon.

“And as we head towards another election, today’s politicians are set to give the goahead
to another controversial and damaging industrial development in Tasmania,
against the people’s wishes and in the face of overwhelming public outrage.”

“Contrary to the claims of Premier Lennon and Minister Turnbull, our campaign
shows the opposition to this mill extends far beyond a few prominent individuals and
celebrities — this is a mainstream concern, of national significance” Mr Solomon said.


Written by typingisnotactivism

August 30, 2007 at 1:18 pm

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