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Major Election Related Pulp Mill Developments.

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For all the coverage in extreme hyperlinked glory, head to Tassie Times. That’s where these two articles jumped out of the page. Matthew Denholm, despite writing for The Australain, has been one of the shining journalistic lights in covering Tasmania’s slow-to-erupt civil war. He has written today about John Howard’s surprisingly blunt (and desperate) declaration that the Feds support the mill and that it “will be built”. It’s an interesting move – it undercuts the credibility of any pro-mill finding by Turnbull, and also says that Howard’s political radar detects more votes in appeasing the woodchip lobby than in being loyal to an embattled minister or chasing the aspirational green vote.

As an excellent accompaniment,  Sue Neales – who has also dedicated herself to outing truth wherever possible since this conundrum became a fiasco – has written today a more state level analysis of the significance of Gunns’ total backflip on the whole September 1 Or Bust scenario. It’s a very hand history, analysis, and critique of where the big game realliy is at now. Amazing the way that Lennon et al are just holding it together by denying all that is evidently true – as in that John Gay and Gunns are fucking brats who not only threw a tantrum when they didn’t get their way, but lied about the desperation of their situation in order to manipulate the Parliament and in doing so de-legitimised the legislative process. Mmm, yummy,

Written by typingisnotactivism

September 1, 2007 at 1:06 pm

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