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Australian Senator calls for War on Islam

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The Australian Christian Democratic Party (aka Senile Racist Homophobes for Jesus) have used this special day – the 6th anniversary of the World Trade Centre Attacks (as well as all other human tragedies associated with power imblances and this particular date) – to call for an all-out War on “Islamism”.

Their fundamental (deliberate choice of word, btw) concept of “Islamism” is that it’s a state of complete rejection of all non-Islamic values and beliefs – which does of course mean that it’s a murderous, woman-bashing, clitoris-removing, suicide-bombing, child-killing, murdering-of-the-innocents, defilement-of-God, racist, intolerant, baby-raping, self-aggrandizing and hateful way to live.

If this particularly offends you, you might want to email them via office@cdp.org.au or even phone them on (61 – 2) 9144 4568. There’s already been one bomb scare today, so maybe something less playful – like a direct spray of reasoned contempt – would be more appropriate.

The whole release follows. It’s almost too painfully fucktarded to ridicule in detail. Suffice to say, Reverend Fred Bile and his holy sidekick Pastor Paul Green think they’re being clever by calling for war on a faith held by around one-third of the world’s population because these are the ‘weapons’ they’re advocating:

Australia and its allies have access to weaponry which cannot be countered by Islamists, nor by any other organisation hostile to human progress. These weapons include:

· The advertising industry

· The cinema and television industry

· Satellite technology

· The power of prayer

American science fiction writer Isaac Asimov half a century ago postulated the use of satellite television for propaganda purposes. Now is the time when reality must imitate art.

Right… so all the hate-speech of the Christian Dumocrats is alright because it’s setting up some kind of metaphorical punchline? And somebody saying that God is good and Islam is stupid thinks that cinema, advertising, and cable tv somehow not only affirm that conclusion, but provide a practical mode for the expression of moral superiority?

Firstly, Fucko, the advertising industry is the marrow radiating spiritual leukaemia into every set of ears and eyes which are unaware of just how toxic it is. Even atheist agnostic HIV+ single mother lesbian hookers on crack know that. Secondly, as for your bullshit literary reference, well before Sir Ustinov there was a fella called George. He wrote a book called 1984. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. By the way – do you know how long Foxtel has been doing Satan’s bidding? And that you can now watch it on m-o-b-i-l-e p-h-o-n-e-s. And another thing, God isn’t on the other Goerge’s side, why the hell would God be on yours?

It’s obvious God isn’t stupid (if existent) and as for a crisis of faith, here’s one for all the holier-than-brown-people douchebags; what makes you think that God believes in you? Seems to me fuckheads like Christian Fundies for War in God’s Name have been asking the wrong question all these years.

Nile is also one of the A-List of Anti-Abortionist Assholes who floats arguments about how killing a foetus is wrong because it might actually be the next Einstein or Jesus – blissfully unaware that the obvious corollary to that argument is that abortion is awesome because the foetus being killed might well be the next Fred Nile or George Bush (a bonus reason, really, in addition to all the far more sensible reasons for women’s right to ALWAYS have sovereign choice).

Press release from fucktards follows:


On the sixth anniversary of the infamous Islamic terrorist attacks on
the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, Australia’s Christian Democratic
Party has called for a declaration of war on Islamism.

Christian Democratic Party Leader Reverend the Hon Fred Nile MLC and
Senate team leader for New South Wales Pastor Paul Green have jointly
stated that Christian civilisation is directly under threat and no
time can be lost in mounting a defence. Here is the full text of the
joint statement:

Islamists want to bring down the Indonesian Government as part of the
long-term goal of uniting Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines,
Thailand and even northern Australia under fundamentalist Muslim
domination. Further, Islamists want to replace each moderate or
western-oriented Muslim government with a fundamentalist regime.

The Islamists seek armed conflict to unite all of Islam in a Jihad
against America, Israel and western society generally. Wherever there
are Muslims, there will be found adherents and even agents of

A war on terrorism is meaningless, unless that war also targets
Islamism, because the Islamists are daily breeding, nurturing,
educating and training hundreds of potential terrorists whose
principal aim is the destruction of western civilisation.

The Christian Democratic Party wants Australia and its allies to wage
a successful war against Islamism. The clear goals of that war should

· A permanent end to the shocking practice of training children and
youths as suicide bombers.

· An end to Islamic persecution of non-Muslims worldwide.

· The creation of a secure homeland for the Assyrian Christians.

· Fair treatment for the Copts of Egypt.

· Protection of the rights of Lebanese Christians together with
permanent exclusion of Syria from interfering in the internal affairs
of Lebanon.

· The elimination of slavery.

· Permanent guarantees for the continuing existence of Israel.

· The surrender or capture of every individual involved in planning
and execution of the 11 September 2001 atrocities and all subsequent
terrorist attacks.

· The strengthening of pro-Western and pro-democracy Islamic leaders.

· The discrediting, disempowerment and isolation of Islamic leaders
who promote Islamism.

· The practical education of Muslims whose intellectual inputs are
presently monopolised by Islamism.

· The lifting of living standards and the improvement of
opportunities for the residents of all Muslim countries.

· The liberation of female residents of all Muslim countries from
varying burdens including genital mutilation, exclusion from medical
care, chattel status and handicaps in receiving education.

· A massive transfer of resources from military purposes to civilian
purposes in countries presently controlled or influenced by Islamism,
with the specific aim of eliminating actual and potential weapons of
mass destruction from Islamist arsenals.

· The preservation and enhancement of world peace, including the
elimination of Islamist terrorism.

Note that few if any of these goals can be achieved by air-strikes.

The Christian Democratic Party wants Australia and its allies to
apply to the task of winning the war against Islamism the brilliantly
effective weapons of modern western society. We want that war to be
fought without civilian casualties, without collateral damage,
without the unnecessary loss of Australian and allied troops, and in
a fashion which will bring only benefits to innocent Muslims who turn
their backs on Islamism.


Australia and its allies have access to weaponry which cannot be
countered by Islamists, nor by any other organisation hostile to
human progress. These weapons include:

· The advertising industry

· The cinema and television industry

· Satellite technology

· The power of prayer

American science fiction writer Isaac Asimov half a century ago
postulated the use of satellite television for propaganda purposes.
Now is the time when reality must imitate art.

The peoples of civilised western nations are willing to support a
huge effort to punish the mass-murdering Islamists. Here is how that
effort should be directed.

· Establish a decentralised institution for the study of Arabic,
Farsi, Bahasa, Urdu, Turkish and other languages associated with
Islam, plus study of the religion and culture of Islam.

· Form a well-funded mighty coalition of the best brains in
advertising, cinema, television, IT, linguistics and psychology.

· Establish a satellite network which provides high quality
multi-lingual television and radio broadcasting which can be received
by every Muslim family.

· Produce and broadcast programs which create role models promoting
kindness, generosity and forgiveness.

· Block or scramble or suppress all electronic transmissions which
promote or condone terrorism.

· Isolate every website which promotes Islamist doctrines such as
hatred of Jews and Christians or brutality towards women.

· Develop robust wind-up television and radio sets for wide

· Provide free wireless internet connections to the peoples of all
Muslim nations, with suitable filtering of all Islamist content.

· Plan and launch the greatest education campaign in history, with
material which is interesting, exciting, stimulating and
constructive, capable of bringing backward nations into the modern

· Convey a message which suppresses violence, promotes harmony, and
encourages the willing acceptance of the love of Jesus Christ.

Australia and its allies can each play a part in what will become a
giant crusade of the intellect. Within five years the benefits will
be seen, and within ten years the effect will be very substantial.
This is our best chance for a peaceful world.


Written by typingisnotactivism

September 11, 2007 at 1:20 pm

2 Responses

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  1. Fred is an amateur conservative next to American counter parts who are already way ahead of him. In the US military, a entertainment unit known as Operation Straight Up hand out “freedom packs” to service personal in Iraq. The group believes in Armageddon as per Book of Revelations, and they are dead keen to see it happen.


    t.i.n.a.: totally – it’s especially interesting to listen to interviews with US soldiers in Iraq talking about how they don’t believe in all the ‘end of days’ talk that is going on, but at the same time they are aware that they’re right in the middle of a lot of significantly prophetic terrain. Cool link – fundies suuuuuuuuck. Remember in the Iran/Iraq war how the young soldiers were given plastic keys and told that they would open the gates to Paradise if they died in battle. Same shiznit, but maybe less stoopid in the ’80s. Fred Nile is truly budget in the scheme of things… but at least 100 000 similarly budget douchebags voted for him, and that says plenty. 😉


    September 11, 2007 at 2:16 pm

  2. Prayer as weapon. Interesting concept. Thought about giving them a call to express our concern for their mental health but have decided instead to stun them with our day-dreams, trip them over with wishful thinking & take them out with a swift meditation to the groin.

    t.i.n.a.: Meditating on Fred Nile’s groin? NOT WANT!!!!!

    capital ideas

    September 16, 2007 at 10:52 am

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