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Kim Beazley, arriva derci.

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Australia’s federal parliament is increasingly short on characters, no doubt about it. The deficit, unsurprisingly, is most evident in the two major parties. There’s a truly excellent farewell here from Annabel Crabb to Kim Beazley who made his Final Address this week.

Regardless of what people may have thought of Beazley, I think two things are evident.

1. That in the most difficult of circumstances on his final day as leader of the ALP last year, he showed the most Statesmanesque qualities of any mainstream party politician in a bloody long time.

2. The fact that all media headlines about this final session were to do with catfights, rather than the fact that nearly all Federal Liberals boycotted Beazley’s Final Address illustrates the fact that too many political journos need to have their nose rubbed in a story to understand its significance.

Oh well. He wasn’t a burning torch as a leader but he’s a better human than far too many of the people currently holding office. Good luck post-cantberra Kim. I hope you’re the Australian ambassador to either the US or the UN in 2008.

Written by typingisnotactivism

September 22, 2007 at 2:47 am

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