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Indigenous activist Adam Hill walks his chalk…

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Pretty bloody impressive. . . even moreso for a first-timer. Here is Ausfailure National Tantrum by Adam Hill. Better still – read his story.

Ladies and Gentlemen… the 2007 Chalk the Walk ‘Ausfailure National Tantrum’.

by Adam Hill

Adam Hill - Ausfailure National Tantrum

A dear friend and ex University mate (Andi Meher) has been running this amazing street art competition for a couple of years now called ‘Chalk the Walk‘. I was persuaded to enter this year, and I must admit, having never created a ‘chalk’ pavement artwork before, was a little reluctant.

Scheduled to begin Thursday, and work each day until the judging on Sunday at 3pm, I didn’t realise what I was in for!

THURSDAY FINE 21 (Said the gammon whether forecaster) RAIN AND -2 MORE LIKE IT


SATURDAY… lookin up

SUNDAY FINE(ally!) though UV=300

Despite whinging about the weather, I had head down and bum up and was rapidly eroding my fingertips, as I instinctively smudged the pastels into the asphalt with my right index finger.

NOw… the prerequisite to entering the comp was that the artwork should not contain any ‘GRAPHIC OR POLITICAL’ content. (Wave the red cape at me Andi!)

The event was so well organised, with major sponsors, roving performers, incredible live bands and donation buckets on each of our plots with coins going to YOUTH OFF THE STREETS.

Friends… I decided to throw it out there to the public… ‘did it for my country’ (Dhungatti/Dharug/Cadigal).

AH’s Cuz Vinny Although I did not take out any of the awards, I had OVERWHELMING SUPPORT through donations to my bucket, and, comments of agreement.

THAT… to me… made my week, knowing that hundreds, upon hundreds of tourists/ holiday makers/ corporates/ lovers and dogs stopped to read my heartfelt ethic.

Thank you to all who visited, and to all who support. (Especially ‘Vinnie’ the Indian security guard who stood by me the whole time, and proudly adopted the artwork as a brotha)!

photos by Lisa Hogben


Written by typingisnotactivism

September 24, 2007 at 2:40 pm

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