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Tasmanian Gunns speak out in today’s Mercury

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In a very thoughtfully written article in today’s Hobart Mercury, Nick Clark describes an intriguing brief encounter. He met the Gunn family at the weekend’s pulp mill protest and captured some of their anger over what they believe John Gay – head of Gunns and managing director appointed by their father/ husband/ grandad – has done to their family’s name. It’s a worthwhile read, but the best bit is in the accompanying forum. The following online comment was submitted by Sarah Gunn – now I’m not certain if she’s actually a Gunn or somebody going with an online moniker… ‘she’ might even be a guy… but I love this short burst of writing and I’m assuming it’s from a real Gunn:

the naming rights to gunns ltd remained when the family sold its controlling share in the 1980s. the goodwill value of the name may allow the company to get away with more damage than they should. eg how gunns ltd got a woodchip licence in the first place, for which the federal court found minister for resources erred in law, 1994. some members of the public may have thought the company was still controlled by the family. thank you to the mercury for making the situation clear. i have sent submissions against this mill in the past. i am pround of my family heritage, and i use paper, so what! they are building a pulp mill with my name on it! but seriously, best practice is not wood sourced under RFAs, because of the high proportion that gets chipped. in eden nsw 87% of logs go to woodchips, tasmania it is more like 90%. in upper northeast nsw 18% to pulplogs, it should be no higher than this anywhere. value adding means logs go to timber not pulp.

– Sarah Gunn 08/10/2007


Written by typingisnotactivism

October 8, 2007 at 5:19 pm

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