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Gagging on John’s election…

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Election campaigns tend to be very polarizing but the next six weeks can be bearable if we introduce one simple measure. It’s not really my idea – I’m stealing it from Oscar-winning Nobel laureate Al Gore by amending the idea of carbon neutral to create the Bullshit Neutral Election.

My plan is that every paper, TV and radio station and, most importantly every political party, should be made responsible for balancing its budget of bullshit between now and November 24. A strictly domestic system, this means they can’t fudge their figures by purchasing credibility credits from New Zealand or Albuquerque. And it should hopefully mean all the bastards tell the truth at least half the time.

An “Our cuddliest Prime Minister” advertorial must be balanced by “George Bush – we’re soaking in it”. Whenever Peter Garrett says “we support turning high conservation value forests into chips then paper”, Julia Gillard has to pipe up “because you’re too big a pu$$y to insist that climate change and deforestation are related”. Every time Peter Costello says, “I stand on my economic record” Bill Heffernan will have to say “that’s effing bull$#!! Peter, you stand on anyone making less than six figures”.

In the final week of the campaign, media outlets and the political party with the highest unbalanced emissions of bullshit will have a simple choice – turn all their resources, assets and internal files over to those with the lowest emissions of bullshit – or, less awkwardly, disembowel themselves in a public forum.

This way we all win.

Written by typingisnotactivism

October 16, 2007 at 10:24 am

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