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Sydney Morning Halftruth goes after Garrett some more…

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Why is it that when Australia’s newspapers do actually go after Peter Garrett, it’s for all the wrong reasons? Somehow, for example, a semantic stumble over global negotiations in five years’ time is of far greater importance than his completely chicken-shit support for the rape of Tasmania and his total back down from the position that climate change has something to do with forests, people and carbon – leading to his current epiphany which is that global warming shall somehow be ‘fought’ without anybody having to do anything differently. Whatever.

Point is this, talkback radio host Steve Price is a dickhead. Period. But as this article in the Sydney Moaning Hairball would have you believe, Garrett for some reason decided to confess to Price during a brief airport encounter that once elected, the Rudd government will just back down on all its promises. Even from here, it sounds like a joke. Hell, even the wig that sports a meatsack (aka Richard Wilkins) has spoken out to say that Price read the whole encounter incorrectly.

But check this out – and this is just weird – The Age, like SMH, is owned by Fairfax, yet somehow it manages to consistently be a more informative and broadminded paper giving fewer pages to bullshit and more to a broadeningof issues and news for consideration.

Covering the same story, The Age thought it worth mentioning (and rightly so) that Price’s wife works for Sinister for Employment, Joe Hockey. Price would obviously have an interest in seeing Hockey (and therefore his wife) hold on to their current rates of pay and therefore, one would assume, their current jobs.

So why the hell is the Sydney Morning Herald going beyond dumbing down the news and weakening analysis and heading straight for the kind of censorship that sees stories misrepresented – seemingly with a consistent rightward tilt? Any ideas?

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Written by typingisnotactivism

November 3, 2007 at 1:56 am

3 Responses

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  1. Similarly, no mention of the Hockey connection on the increasingly disappointing ABC as they beat up the story over and over and over.


    November 3, 2007 at 12:58 pm

  2. The Sydney Morning wHorald is a rapidly deteriorating rag, virtually as bad now as Sydney’s Daily Telucrap. In fact, it has almost reached the unthinkable tipping point where the Teletrash is a superior paper than the wHorald.

    The wHorald is staffed by people from the moderate right or the extreme left, and there are very few journos there who would have any sympathy for Labor… Alan Ramsay the exception.

    …more to the point, because of the moderate right High Tories and the exteme left lunatic fringe staff, not to mention readership, the whole paper is now a Green propaganda rag. I suppose this should go without saying considering the suburbs – sorry, wash my mouth out, Inner-Urban Villages – where the rag still manages to sell a few copies.

    Because it is a Green propaganda rag, public enemy no.1 is obviously anyone who has sinned against the religion of Green Fundamentalism… Peter Garrett being the current occupant of this throne.

    Basically, the paper is just too middle class to care much for the political party of the trade unions and the ordinary suburban workers (criminals against humanity that they are with their lawns, Holdens, pools and air conditioners)…

    But with enviro-fundamentalism now the compulsory dinner party topic from Mosman to Rozelle to Surry Hills to Potts Point to Darlington and back again… The paper is not too middle class to be Green.

    Therefore Garrett is evil for leaving the green movement and joining the Labor movement. And when a Liberal shock-jock married to WorkChoices Minister Joe Hackey decides to misrepresent anti-Green Heretic Garrett, there is the perfect opportunity for an unholy coalition to be formed between the middle class greenies and greedy class Liberals.

    That this would occur at a point in the election campaign where fear and panic are about to set in among Libs, is not surprising.

    That the Herald would not publish convicted drink-driver Price’s conflict of interest, is equally not surprising.


    November 3, 2007 at 10:25 pm

  3. I am gobsmacked that it is such a beat up. On The Insiders today somebody asked the rhetorical question How many votes of those under 50 will be changed by this? Unspoken answer somewhere between 0 and 10. I listened to Howard this morning. My wife had to leave the room. He was all set to exploit this, but failed dismally. After about one minute it was just blah blah blah blah…….Australia has tuned out. Good.

    Colin Campbell

    November 4, 2007 at 3:30 pm

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