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Joe Hockey’s clever resignation “promise”

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It’s amazing that when Peter Garrett brushes off a right wing shock jock with a lame joke – far less funny than the one which landed Silverchair’s Daniel Johns in Garrett-related hot water earlier this year – it is a semantic delight of front page proportions across the nation. An arrogant and glib response by Garrett somehow holds the key to a sinister ALP conspiracy. And Santa Claus is dating Elvis.

Melbourne’s Age newspaper was one of the only Australian sources to point out the obvious conflict of interest – Steve Price, the shock jock in question, not only has worse judgment than former MTV head-on-a-stick Richard Wilkins but, more importantly, Price just happens to be married to one of Joe Hockey’s staff. But that surely wouldn’t influence his portrayal of one of Labor’s more heavily targeted shadows.

Funnily enough, when that very same Minister for “Workplace Relations” (read “WorkChoices”) pledges to toughen Workchoices during the next term of a federal Coalition government the story that is neon-lit and trumpeted from rooftops is that he has promised to resign if such a change goes ahead.

“Wait a minute,” you say. . . “Joe Hockey promised that there wouldn’t be a toughening of WorkChoices.”

Well, you’re half right but, more importantly for any Australian making less than 6 figure$, you’re also half wrong.

Here is what Hockey said:

“I will resign as a minister in the Howard government if there are any substantial changes or any of the changes that Julia Gillard has just flagged.”

The choice of the words “as a minister in the Howard government” may just be Hockey’s conveniently bloviated manner of speaking, but the real convenience lies in the fact that this gives Hockey carte blanche to approve any changes he’d like made as a minister in a Costello government. And a Costello government is supposedly what must be expected some time within the next three years should John Howard be re-elected.

So what Joe Hockey has guaranteed is that there are no guarantees. Once John Howard steps down – as has been promised should he hold on to power – then all bets are off and WorkChoices II is not only possible but, under the ultra-conservatism of Costello, likely.

That’s the real story.

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Written by typingisnotactivism

November 6, 2007 at 1:31 am

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