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Best Australian online Election coverage.

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Whether you’re local or global, these links will hopefully be both useful and entertaining. If however you don’t understand the Australian sense of humour available at some of these sites, that’s not my fault – you must be some kind of dickhead.

First up is Possum Comitatus – more than just a cute picture, razor-gang wit and an atypical formula fetish, Possum is a natural commentator. Criticism of media, politicians, analytical techniques, and prescient timing flow effortlessly into one another. Possum puts the ‘arts’ in ‘charts’. Disclosure: my blog officially has a crush on his/her blog – politics, maths and anger: awesome!!!!

Pollbludger is a proven performer with the archives to prove it. Ideal for the reader comfortable with longer paragraphs. Of course, if that’s too daunting and you’re voting for Pauline Hanson because she’s going to bring the average reading age of Australia down to 8 years old, you can fuck off now.

For malicious grins, countrywide coverage backed up by masses of well-utilised resources it has to be Antony Green’s election guide at the ABC site. Certain to be one of the leading edge sources of info and news as it breaks on Saturday night.

Experienced journalists looking this happy about John Howard’s chances is such a good thing


Independent webzine New Matilda has a hot little election zone – the aptly titled Polliegraph, featuring a variety of voices and angles, guest writers of juicy goodness, and plenty of good bits to pick through.

The big question, obviously, is not whether John Howard will get lost in a Bible warehouse in Epping but whether The Election Chaser – brought to you by the boys who put APEC and Australia on the world map – will be going live online. Of course, that would be a stupid question. “John Howard’s getting kicked out, think I’ll spend the night blogging”. ??.

Balls to that! Watch Channel 7 if you want to see Joe Hockey cry. Watch Channel 9 if you can stand Ray Martin because at least Charles Firth will be on there and they’re broadcasting without ads. Watch ABC if you’re actually interested in what’s going on and hate tv stations that run racist sexist fucking ignant programming. SBS might be good but despite having Karen Middleton, they also have Stan Grant. He messed with Mary Kostakidis so he can go unwatched and unloved.

Are you feeling it Stan? Are you feeling it?

And now I’m going to use this picture one more time because I think it’s choice.

If you know of particularly excellently worthwhile coverage that hasn’t been mentioned here please let me know (srsly) and I’ll link it. Unless it sucks.


Written by typingisnotactivism

November 23, 2007 at 12:44 am

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