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Updated election update #4: John Howard’s behind in Bennelong; it is getting kicked. Osama Bin Laden crashes Liberal notveryfunction.

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great story here – Chas Bin Laden of the Chaser crashed the Liberal Party’s Big Night Out, dressed as a unionist and terrifying party-goners by yelling “I’m coming back!”. Security followed an earlier lead from voters by vigorously throwing him out.

The View from Qatar – Al Jazeera writes of a change in eras in Australia

The View from the U.K. – The Guardian profiles Kevin Rudd

DING FRIKKIN DONG – the witch is dead!! Not Helen Coonan (unfortunately) but Howard!! His seat of Bennelong supposedly to go down to postal votes, but at this point there’s about 72 000 votes counted in Bennelong. Maxine McKew is in front of Howard by 600 votes. Likely to be ahead by about 800 by the time the remaining 25 000 are counted. Although postals are likely to break toward the incumbent Howard, it still probably won’t put him past 50% and McKew can count on the majority of preferences from roughly 5 000 votes going to the Green candidate.

John Howard may be fondly remembered by some but I think for most he will always be remembered as the very best reason not to trust anybody with ‘Winston’ for a middle name.

Thankyou Bennelong voters!! from all Australia!! Not only have you sacked Howard, you’ve stuck an investigative journalist in Parliament. A far better way of keeping the bastards honest than the Democrats and almost as good as the Greens.

Unfortunately, former Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull hung on to his seat of Wentworth, gaining the upper hand as the one apparently most willing to benefit from dirty mudslinging over the technical eligibility of the Labor candidate. Of course, had George Newhouse been more on his game, rather than more or less disappearing from view during the particularly crucial moments of his campaign, there might have been a more punishing outcome for the man who approved the most ill-advised and surely doomed environmental time bomb ever to be endorsed by both major political parties in Australia.

Speaking of which – did you catch Bob Brown’s celebration speech on the declaration that Kevin Rudd had won?

Immediately stated that the vote is a mandate against the pulp mill and that ALP under Kevin Rudd have a responsibility to make sure it never happens to the Tamar or Tassie’s forests. Also on basis of a record primary vote for Greens in Tasmania, nearing 25% and surpassing the Liberal candidates in some seats. Not even day 1 & it’s go time. SIIIIIICK!!!!

Official running national tally here. Much more interesting here, and also check out GetUp in the tally room….

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November 24, 2007 at 11:28 pm

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  1. Got to watch those with Winston as a first name too though…


    November 26, 2007 at 12:53 pm

  2. HA! Damned shtraight


    November 26, 2007 at 3:34 pm

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