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Updated: Rudd’s new frontbench, and Perm beats Helmet

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Just to explain that last part – Brendan Nelson has beaten Malcolm Turnbull 45 – 42, gaining the right to be the next Liberal leader to be deposed.

On to much more important things – news is just coming out of Canberra regarding the new ministerial appointments selected by PM Kevin Rudd.

According to the rolling report being updated throughout the afternoon at The Age:

He is believed to have dropped Laurie Ferguson, Kate Lundy, Jan McLucas, Kerry O’Brien, Arch Bevis and Bob McMullan, sources confirmed.

In their place, he has appointed ALP national president John Faulkner, former NSW minister Bob Debus, Kate Ellis, Justine Elliot, Warren Snowdon and Brendan O’Connor, Labor sources say.

Kerry O’Brien – the Tasmanian boofhead, not the awesome journalist – is out! This is great news as it means one less militant voice in the senior ranks screaming for the deforestation, pulping and burning of Tasmania. Good start! Apparently the environment portfolio has been split in two – probably environment and climate change – and Peter Garrett has likely remained part of that, with the latest news suggesting that the climate change portfolio will be held by Penny Wong.

Simon Crean looks set to be Trade Minister. Stephen Smith likely to take the crucial portfolio of Foreign Affairs. Maxine McKew, Greg Combet, and Bill Shorten all to pick up important postings as Parliamentary Secretaries – a significant position for newcomers, teaching them the ropes and giving them intensive experience to prepare them for the prospect of ministries down the road.

UPDATE: I’m glad that Brendan Nelson is leading the Opposition because he is going to get torn to pieces by Greg Combet and Joel Fitzgibbon over his record of ill-advised defence spending which can only get worse now that the ALP has access to government records. Also awesome – maybe most awesome – is that Maxine McKew is right in amongst it with Rudd and Gillard and working closely with both. Also a good thing that Attorney-General didn’t go to Bob Debus. Although he seemed the MP-most-likely-to, he wasn’t an inspiring performer as A-G of NSW. Peter Garrett has come up as Environment Minister with the additional folio of Climate Change going to Penny Wong. This not only means better representation for and ressource allocation to the environmental concerns of the age, but – and again, perhaps more importantly – that the environment will have more votes in cabinet decisions involving a cluster of folios, such as energy, natural resources, etc.

Also significantly, Tourism now has front bench representation. Odds are that in a number of situations (such as the current Tasmanian one) the Tourism vote would add support to the Environment and Climate Change votes. Good job overall. Now the question is who’s going to sack themself first?

Here are the final allocations taken from the ABC’s news reports.


*Education, Employment and Workplace Relations: Julia Gillard

*Treasurer: Wayne Swan

*Finance: Lindsay Tanner

*Foreign Affairs: Stephen Smith

*Defence: Joel Fitzgibbon

*Attorney-General: Robert McClelland

*Special minister of state, cabinet secretary: John Faulkner

*Health and Ageing: Nicola Roxon

*Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs: Jenny Macklin

*Environment, Heritage and the Arts: Peter Garrett

*Climate Change and Water: Penny Wong

*Immigration and Citizenship: Chris Evans

*Trade: Simon Crean

*Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy: Stephen Conroy

*Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government: Anthony Albanese

*Resources, Energy and Tourism: Martin Ferguson

*Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry: Tony Burke

*Human Services: Joseph Ludwig

*Innovation, Industry, Science and Research: Kim Carr

Outer ministry:

*Home affairs : Bob Debus

*Defence Science and Personnel: Warren Snowdon

*Workforce Participation: Brendan O’Connor

*Superannuation and Corporate law: Nick Sherry

*Small Business: Craig Emerson

*Assistant Treasurer, Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs: Chris Bowen

*Ageing: Justine Elliot

*Housing and Status of Women: Tanya Plibersek

*Youth and Sport: Kate Ellis

*Veteran Affairs: Alan Griffin

Parliamentary secretaries:

*Parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister, Early childhood education and childcare: Maxine McKew

*Parliamentary secretary to the Prime Minister: Anthony Byrne

*Defence procurement: Greg Combet

*Defence: Mike Kelly

*Infrastructure – Northern and regional Australia: Gary Gray

*Disabilities and children services: Bill Shorten

*Multicultural affairs and settlement programs: Laurie Ferguson

*International development assistance: Bob McMullan

*Pacific relations Duncan Kerr

*Social inclusion: Ursula Stephens

*Trade: John Murphy

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November 29, 2007 at 12:14 pm

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  1. […] much time to write this up at the moment, but WOW!!! Shortly after being sworn in, along with his new government, as the 26th Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd took the bold step of ratifying the Kyoto […]

  2. According to his website, “Tasmanian boofhead” and Gunns lobbyist Senator Kerry O’Brien is the Government Whip, so his influence has not altogether disappeared.


    December 5, 2007 at 6:35 am

  3. Well that is a horrible bit of hair in the laksa isn’t it? My bet is that this is a piece of preemptive horse-trading. Positions were largely determined, rather than negotiated. Denying Adams and O’Brien proximity to significant ministries will still be seen by many as a disempowerment of the rabid-pro-logging Tasmanian clique, especially coming shortly after the ALP collected every Lower House seat in Tassie. I’m not sure how much of this is logic, and how much crossed fingers… but I really hope I’m right. The only difference between these guys and Eric Abetz is that they might have a sense of humour and they probably don’t wear undergarments that procliam “I Love Jesus” every day of their nasty lives.


    December 5, 2007 at 1:23 pm

  4. I like the way they are ‘dropped’, like from a sports team. Maybe if they train hard over the summer, go on diets, do some weight work and work on their media skills and party affiliations some of those dropped may get a run next season.


    December 11, 2007 at 4:11 am

  5. Maybe they should get the Ben Cousins treatment, and be banned for a decade for bringing the game of democracy into disrepute.


    December 11, 2007 at 3:39 pm

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