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A Beautiful Whale Tale from the Southern Seas

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This sweet piece of writing comes from Paikea – originally as a comment here, but too good to leave tucked away.

I am Maori, the Whales are very special to my people. I have heard their song all my
life. Our people and our Polynesian cousins have followed this magnificent creature
all over the world. As the whale knows the safest time to cross the seas. The Whale is
in our dreaming and is a very strong gentle intelligent spirit. It is a teacher.

We (all humans) were given this planet with everything we needed on it. We are borrowing it from our children. Yet we are slow learners and still defacate in our own nests, we act
like spoilt children who scream Mine Mine All Mine, we show our immaturity by not
thinking of others around us. Animals included. We show our ignorance and
arrogance by our actions of torture and greed.

The Japanese as a whole are a sophisticated people, this has blinded some because of greed and a misplaced sense of pride. Their hunting methods are barbaric to extreme, i’ts as if they feel power when they can inflict the most pain to the vunerable. This is not the behaviour of a civilised people. I kill my own meat with the greatest of respect and thanks, but if I cannot kill a creature humanely it lives for I would not put that shame upon my spirit. Not all of my people are of the same mind, but that’s something for me to bear.

The barbaric nature of many of the Asian nations on the Ones Without a Human Tongue, shows their inability to move forward in life. On traditions, the Japanese never went whaling in the southern oceans, a tradition of some of my ancestors was to eat Asians. Sushi
japanese at my place lol. The Japanese are endangering the extremely lucrative whale
watch industry in Australia and New Zealand, what right do they have to jeopardise
this. They have admitted killing lactating whales, leaving the babies to die a slow
lonely painful death, these people (if you could call them that) are evil. A whale is too
big to kill humanely.

I bow to The People of The Sea Shepherd, they have my financial and spiritual support, hopefully my son will join them next year to help protect our Spiritual Teacher The Whale. In time may you all grow ears so you can hear the song of the Whale, for then you will be able to see your world in all its splendor.


Written by typingisnotactivism

January 28, 2008 at 3:14 am

4 Responses

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  1. Japanese whale fishing is completely lawful.
    And is completely scientific.
    In addition, it is a Japanese gastronomic culture to eat whales.
    You should refrain from the act of denying the culture of another country.
    watch this video.

    To the person who wants to know why Japan hunts whales

    [DragonBall] Freezer VS Japanese whaling


    Why do the media of australia tell a lie and censorship?
    if doubt me? Post my comment this URL.


    February 5, 2008 at 10:57 pm

  2. excellent post, i would say though its not just the Japanese who have lost their connections with the earth and the creatures we share it with, most of us have. We need to learn from Maoris and other peoples who can still live in harmony with nature before it is too late

    Crafty Green Poet

    February 5, 2008 at 11:51 pm

  3. Great name CGP.

    Hi daisk 5. If Japanese whaling (they are mammals, not fish by the way) is completely scientific, why has there not been a single peer-reviewed scientific research paper published by Japanese whaling interests in at least 15 years?
    Industrial whaling only became ‘traditional culture’ after world war II when Japan was faced with famine and an American general oversaw the creation of Japan’s industrial whaling fleet.
    Is 60 years a tradition? A culture? What about Australia? 60 years ago, Australia was shooting, poisoning and kidnapping Aboriginal Australians as social policy. Should we keep doing that now? Or can we choose to move on because we recognize that this is no way to treat people?
    Thanks for the links but I know what they are and have no need to read or watch this dribble. I don’t agree with the kangaroo cull that happens here, but the big difference is that the kangaroo population of Australia has proven to be sustainable, even with anwhere from 200 000 to 2 million being slaughtered everywhere. Whales, not so. Tuna – soon – not so.

    No lies or censorship here. And by the way, Japanese whaling isn’t completely lawful. There are credible legal questions hanging over JARPA II and waiting to be tested in an appropriate court or international tribunal. Furthermore, the selling of whalemeat to raise additional funding to maintain the whaling fleet year in and year out (the real purpose of Japanese whaling) is a flagrant breach of the Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species.

    i pity the fool.


    February 6, 2008 at 1:54 am

  4. […] 5 posted a comment here in response to another contributor’s lovely insights about the intersection between Maori […]

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