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Sea Shepherd v. Japanese whaling fleet: Valentine’s Day relaunch, the latest from Capt. Paul Watson

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ed: read this here if you like, but I would recommend this version. Celsias has grabbed a copy and done a beautiful job of the layout. It’s worth spending time there, is what I’m saying. Anyway…

Round Two for Sea Shepherd’s Operation Migaloo

By Captain Paul Watson

The Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin is refueled, repaired, re-supplied, re-crewed and re-energized to depart from Melbourne on Valentine’s Day bound for the Southern Ocean to intervene against the on-going massacre of whales by the outlaw whaling fleet from Japan.

In January we discovered that we can stop the whalers by finding them, pursuing them, and harassing them. We initiated an international incident and we shut down the slaughter of the whales for more than three weeks. Most importantly for the first time ever this issue was dramatized in the Japanese media and it is escalating into a costly embarrassment for the Japanese government.

There is no question that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society pushes the envelope on this issue. Someone has to and we don’t mind the constant stream of abuse and name calling. If governments don’t have any respect for us, we have even less respect for governments.

The fact is that if the government of Australia would simply enforce the Australian court ruling and uphold their obligations to enforce international conservation law we would not have to be down in those remote waters placing our ship and crew in harm’s way to protect defenseless whales from Japanese poachers.

And poachers are what they are, no different than elephant and mountain gorilla poachers in Africa or tiger poachers in India. The Japanese whalers are criminals with powerful connections and incredible wealth and that makes them a sort of whaler’s mafia.

But this is not the first time we have tackled such bastions of corrupt power. Last summer we busted open the Ecuadorian shark fin mafia, seized 45,000 illegal shark fins, arrested over a dozen poachers and smugglers and created an international incident that
exposed the extent of the illegal trade in shark fins out of the Galapagos National Park Marine Reserve. Of course, we came under attack from all the Ecuadorian politicians that were implicated and the shark poachers put a $25,000 reward on my head. I was not even given the option of dead or alive – simply dead.

But if saving the world was easy than everyone would be doing it.

Our second campaign this year to the Southern Oceans is called Operation Migaloo II and our objective is to find the Japanese fleet again and to shut down their illegal operations once more.

I am quite confident that we can do it and thanks to our growing base of support around the world and especially in Australia we are getting stronger and becoming more effective.

If we can stop the Japanese fleet for another three weeks we will be able to demonstrate that constant pursuit can be the key to stopping the slaughter from the beginning of the whaling season to the end. This will require Sea Shepherd returning next year with two ships with the second ship departing three weeks after the first to relieve the first, and then continuing constant relays over the four month period.

For only a few million dollars the entire illegal whaling operation can be shut down permanently.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is not a protest organization. We specialize in interventions against illegal operations only. We are empowered to do so by virtue of the United Nations World Charter for Nature which allows for non-governmental organizations to intervene to uphold international conservation law. That is the reason that after three decades of operations in opposition to high seas marine poaching operations, we have never had a felony conviction. We have also never caused nor sustained a single injury.

We can end the slaughter of whales in the Southern Oceans by simply enforcing existing international and Australian laws.

Captain Paul Watson
Master – The Steve Irwin
Master – The Farley Mowat
Founder and President of the
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Written by typingisnotactivism

February 13, 2008 at 2:32 pm

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