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NSW Greens storm council elections

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>> jewel <<

From the ground up, a massive swing seems to have altered the face of local politics across New South Wales. NSW Greens pre-election had 58 councillors on 31 councils across New South Wales. With a lot of number crunching still to do and per centages to jiggle, it looks as though the Greens have picked up an extra 30 seats.

According to this article by Lisa Carty and Heath Gilmore, the most dramatic swings – up to 15% – to the Greens have occurred in the seats of Marrickville, Leichhardt, and Gosford. In an article looking more closely at the Sydney results, Carty and Gilmore speak with unsuccessful ALP mayoral candidate Meredith Burgmann.

Burgmann displays the same pigheaded inability to sread results that characterizes most doomed politicians, and their parties.

“As we expected, the turmoil in the Labor Party over the past 10 days has badly affected our result,” she said.

She also blamed Clover Moore’s war chest, but felt reassured from doorknocking.

“we got lots of evidence that the voters could distinguish between our team and the State Government.”

Here’s the answer that Meredith Burgmann SHOULD have given:

We have been the State Government for more than a decade. We have showed some real promise and helped to get the nation’s first carbon trading frameworks in place, and we can throw bloody big parties, even though since 2001 that has meant locking down the city, citizens, and sending stormtroopers through public parks. But we have really pissed away the last 4 years. Seriously, what have we done? No vision, no leadership.

This potentially awesome city, and we’ve turned it into an Americanized corporate ghetto, surrounded by horrifically expensive tunnels that nobody wants to use and that don’t actually do anything particularly useful. Oh yeah, and a big chunk of cash on desalination that’ll guarantee expensive and wasted water and electricity for generations to come.

Nobody trusts the State Labor Party in New South Wales. I mean, they want to – because the alternative is a government run by completely out-of-touch bank operators, lawyers, failed doctors and God lobbyists. But we haven’t delivered one decent long term project to the state since…. Anyway, the last 10 days has been nothing. If anything, Labor has a chance to win the state election in 2011 now that Iemma and Costa have been axed and Reba Meagher – that self-involved cow – has gone. But if we don’t get our shit together, pay attention to people in the real world – rather than in focus groups – and get rid of the stench of corporate whoredom, wasted taxes, and elitist greed… well, we might just end up being the reason why Kevin Rudd has to campaign for reelection in 2010 when he would probably rather get on with improving the country.

I mean, we’re fucking idiots really.

Oh, and of course, Liberal hogwart Barry O’Farrell got some comment in the media about the ALP being crap. Unfortunately, O’Farrell’s NSW Liberals have done the same thing as the Tasmanian Liberals. Namely, they make sure that they are consistently even more worthless than the sods in power, ensuring that there are never any improvements on what few ideas and proposals come out of state parliament, and also ensuring that the donkeys in power are never under significant to do any better.

But this started on a positive note, and that would be a good place to end – onya Greens!! Hopefully your ascendancy will continue to and through which ever state elections come next, then the federal, then NSW state. Oh my Buddha – federal senate elections in 2010. Please get rid of Steven Fielding and get hold of a clean balance of power.


>> tool <<

Steven Fielding is such a complete and utter knob. He is no more right wing than most Liberals but somehow he is far more annoying and a much bigger tool. I guess the fact that he only picked up about 2500 votes of his own in 2004 and yet he gets to hold all of Australia to ransom probably doesn’t help. And his head. His head really doesn’t help either.

Anyway – go Greens. Let’s get German. But without the Germans.

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  1. Nice to see you cannot discuss politics without the ad hominem insults. But that is of course, so Green……………………..purer than the driven grass (what, no hemp baby??)


    September 14, 2008 at 10:05 pm

  2. Oh, and of course, with real political gains (like inner city council seats which of course, ahem, only fall to the the most moral amongst us), I gather we will see the next Greens Prime Minister, sometime real soon? (or perhaps somewhere in Middle Earth???)


    September 14, 2008 at 10:10 pm

  3. Righto Skipper – let’s look at what you’re saying and guess why you’re saying it –

    That I cannot discuss politics without attacking the individual…
    Well, this would assume that, for some reason, I am meant to discuss politics through some filter of false objectivity and that individual mega-failings are irrelevant to political practice and outcome. You are wrong on both counts, but I assume in saying that I am making some typically Green attack.

    so Green….what, no hemp baby?
    Blow me. Not signed up to any particular political ideology and i don’t smoke the reefer.

    inner city seats to the most moral etc…
    Firstly, that’s your hang-up – so own it. It bodes well for the Green’s future State and Federal results that they are seeing greater concentrations of support, simply because of the way that preferential voting is structured in Australia. But if you want to play dickhead and infer from this writing that somehow Sydney city residents are in any way superior to anybody then, as stated, that’s definitely your hang up.

    next Greens Prime Minister….
    wow – you really let your creativity fly didn’t you? The Middle Earth line is kind of funny, although it’s about 4 Earth years past its prime but, then again you probably watch comedy improvs on Channel 10 – which are also several years out of date. Look at Germany’s parliament. It’s a bit of a mess, but power is split in more than two predictable and ideologically constipated directions. The politicians are more accountable, the decisionmaking is more dynamic, and the population get a relatively better outcome. There is no suggestion that Australia’s going to have a Green Prime Minister anytime in the next couple of decades. A clean balance of power, though, they certainly will.

    But i must say, for somebody with their head so far up their own arse, you certainly can type. Oops, ad hominem etc. So ashamed.


    September 15, 2008 at 11:14 am

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