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BBC round-up of Middle East war coverage

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Fuck you Israel. You’re not even trying now. How long until a senior minister wheels out another guilt trip about World War II, or has that already happened? The whole line about people who don’t want to see Palestinians flattened and crushed and murdered in their homes and cities being somehow anti-Zionist… What the f%$& is that? But the Israeli:Palestinian ratio seems to be about the same as the American:Arab ratio. For example, September 11 2001, 3000 dead Americans. The response? So far, about 5000 more dead Americans and 750 000 dead Arabs. By that ratio, 1 American is worth about 100 Arabs. 3 dead Israelis from bottle rocket ‘attacks’ in the last twelve months – response: 300+ dead Palestinians. Israeli:Palestinian ratio, again, about 100:1. Of course, when you throw in the wounded, it kind of screws up the average.

Check out the new Israeli Mastercard ad:

Buying a Big Mac in Haifa so that you can chow down while listening to the body count on the radio? 28 shekels.
Useless piece of shit no-range, no-direction Kessem missile that has almost no chance of hitting anyone or anything? 1500 shekels.
Landing guided missiles, cluster bombs and artillery shells on the families of children who throw rocks? Fucking priceless!

Oh yeah…. BBC coverage of Israel v. Mostly Unarmed Civillians.

And great to see that over 200 people hit the streets of Sydney less than 48 hours into the latest slaughter to protest against Israel’s illegal and ongoing war against Palestinians.

be sure to click on the pic for that story, and in the latest from Gaza, where there are now at least 1400 wounded, the BBC reports that

A Palestinian doctor in Gaza told the BBC nearly all the casualties he had seen overnight and on Monday had been civilians.

He said the hospital where he worked had converted ordinary rooms into intensive care units to cope with the number of wounded and that essential medical supplies were running out.

Way to go, Israel. That is so awesome of you. Nobody’s going to turn to terrorism or suicide bombing when you launch such a visionary peace initiative as this.

Written by typingisnotactivism

December 30, 2008 at 2:03 am

2 Responses

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  1. Your facts do not tiw in with the statements of
    Ibrahim Barzak and Amy Teibel, who wrote for the Associated Press yesterday that most of the 230 Palestinians who were reportedly killed were “security forces,” and Palestinian officials said “at least 15 civilians were among the dead.”

    Reuters quotes Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh acknowledging 15 civilians killed in the past two days, from a death count the same wire report puts at 290.

    Maybe your should replace your hatred with some true moves towards peace.

    Michael Horesh

    December 30, 2008 at 2:51 am

  2. Michael Horesh, whoever you are, your comment does not make any sense. I am preaching hatred by saying that it is a vicious act to bomb children, civillians, non-terrorists? How does that make any sense? And if what the BBC says does not tie in with Associated Press, that means…..?

    You are definitely confused. You probably even believe the Israeli line about Hamas using “human shields”, even though Israel has created a situation where – by their own infrequently candid admission – Gaza is the most populated area on Earth. So, somehow – using Israeli, and probably your logic – Hamas, the democratically elected government of Palestine, is somehow evil for being shot at and bombed in their own homes and towns and the overpopulated slums where Israel imprisons all Palestinians, regardless of what they have done.

    Nice one mate 🙂


    January 3, 2009 at 1:43 am

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