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RSPCA chickens out over allegations against industrial donor.

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The above picture comes from an excellent animal update by Maxine Firth here in today’s SMH. Amazingly, the RSPCA endorses the conditions in which these thousands upon thousands of birds at the Pace Farm facility in Buchanan, near Newcastle, are kept. More amazingly, their spokesperson, asked about these specific conditions and the ongoing commission-for-approval arrangement between Pace and RSPCA contributed to the following exchange:

Chief executive Heather Neil said: “RSPCA standards for accredited egg production ensure that hens are given the freedom to exhibit natural behaviours.

The program involves a process of stringent and regular inspections every eight to 12 weeks to ensure standards are being met.”

Ms Neil confirmed the RSPCA endorsed beak clipping of birds at the Buchanan facility.

“The RSPCA is aware of behavioural problems with this particular flock at Buchanan, specifically feather picking,” she said.

On the allegation that the birds were too cramped, she said RSPCA standards allowed for seven birds per square metre as opposed to the national code of practice standard of 12.

Animal Liberation said the RSPCA standard gives each bird an amount of space equivalent to a piece of A3 paper.

Ms Neil said the demand for eggs in Australia was about 200 million dozen eggs a year.

“Such a demand necessitates large-scale commercial production,” she said. “The RSPCA would prefer to be in there helping to improve the welfare of birds in commercial egg production rather than not being involved at all.”

Now, I may be wrong, but if birds are forced to live in such squalid and cramped conditions that they have to have their beaks burnt off so that they don’t peck each other to death… is that really a “behavioural problem”? Or is that a “human contempt for animal life problem”? And would the RSPCA have helped improve conditions for horses at race tracks or increase the size of steel pigpens if “large-scale commercial production” as opposed to “animal welfare” or “prevention of cruelty” was meant to be their priority.

Ha!! more like “eggs have the tick because it’s one less reason for you to give a shit about how these fucking trolls cash in on animal torture”

I have been pissed off at the way eggs are packaged, bought and sold for ages. Pace, for example, has a facility with close to a million chickens about 4 hours south west of Sydney, near Wyalong, in the appropriately named Bland Shire (seriously). These bastards have the nerve to produce a line of free range eggs, and people are either so busy or so ignorant that they buy them.

Here’s a simple question: If, for example, I keep a million chickens laying eggs in conditions similar to a concentration camp from the moment of their birth until their premature over-medicated death, but have another hundred thousand that run around in a nice field, should ANY self-respecting consumer be rewarding me with their cash?

Or to put it another way: If I run Auschwitz and I butcher 5 million people, turning them into soap, gold, and ashes, but I supply half a million with false papers and make sure they get across the Channel to England, am I a saint, am I halfway toward redemption, or am I so fucking evil that I should never be allowed to sell eggs again?

Basically – do not EVER buy ANY kind of egg from ANY company that runs ANY battery/cage hen facilities. Fuck PACE FARMS. Fuck INGHAM CHICKENS. FUCK KFC. Etc. LET YOUR SUPERMARKET KNOW –> tell them that you don’t want Pace Free Range eggs, tell them you want any other kind of remotely ethical free range eggs.

Buy organic if you’re really concerned about your own health. Buy free range if you’re concerned about the chicken whose period you’re eating.

And to make you feel all warm and fuzzy, as opposed to henpecked and cemented, here are photos from this page which allegedly details a 2002 investigation-of-sorts by local activists into the Pace facility near Wyalong.

These happy lookin’ fellas down the bottom have been in chook rehab. Not yet 100%, I’m guessing.

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March 2, 2008 at 3:19 am

Sea Shepherd – latest on hostage situation

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The following is the latest blog entry posted by Sea Shepherd on their MySpaz page.

Japanese Whaling Fleet On the Run With Two Sea Shepherd Hostages
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s ship Steve Irwin is in full pursuit of five vessels of the Japanese whaling fleet including the Japanese supply vessel Oriental Bluebird.The Japanese harpoon vessel Yushin Maru No. 2 has taken two Sea Shepherd volunteer crew members hostage. Benjamin Potts 28, an Australian citizen and Giles Lane, 35, a citizen of Great Britain are being held hostage onboard the whaling vessel. Both men were assaulted and then tied to the railings of the whaler. Read the rest of this entry »

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January 16, 2008 at 11:07 am

Web Day of Silence & fresh global petition for Burma

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Check it out for yourselves. Maybe you think it’s a good idea. Maybe you don’t. Personally, I think that if enough people outside Burma do anything together at the same time for the people of Burma, it’ll be a good thing.

Another peace of keyboardom in effect and hoping for an urgent critical mass is the online petition and print-media ad campaign by Avaaz.org, which is seeking to pressure China by threatening measures to diminish the Beijing Olympics in 2008. May work, may not. My hunch is that China won’t feel particularly bothered by signatures equivalent to less than 0.1% of their own population. But it can’t hurt, and China does seem to be shifting its position in relation to foreign efforts at diplomacy. Let’s face it – if monks and civillians are prepared to be beaten and murdered, the least you can do is sign and circulate a petition.

370 000 signatures so far – get innuit.


Cuaron & Klein – The Shock Doctrine (video)

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for a lavish web-based research resource with continued informational expandiness, go to The Shock Doctrine online, for more of Naomi Klein’s bombastic writing and associated coverage hit her homepage at NaomiKlein.org or for a page full of associated YouTubery go here.

Alfonso Cuaron, by the way, is the utter frickin geeeeenius who directed the utterly must-see Children Of Men.

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September 11, 2007 at 4:24 pm

Hot new video – MC George Dubya: Sunday Bloody Sunday

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Wow!! He may not be able to pronounce difficult words like ‘APEC‘ or ‘nuclear’ but he does bring at least as much integrity to a U2 war protest as Bono brings to globalized designer consumables. Awesome mashup – sound and vision fully deserve each other.

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September 7, 2007 at 11:50 am

George Bush; Portrait of a Fuckhead

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This picture and story are too great not to repost. Good one, Korova. The full story is here in SpiegelOnline. British artist Jonathan Yeo got fed up with the Bush University in Texas repeatedly booking then cancelling his services to come and do a portrait of George Bush.

So he did one for free – by making a collage out of cutup pornos. Right ear – right now.

Beating off round the Bush. Yay for Sydney’s APEC Fistfuck.

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Some newspapers and reporters are howling with rage/surprise. Apparently the APEC meeting in Sydney won’t really do anything for climate change but set more aspirational targets and encourage more patting of backs and shaking of hands amongst friends of miners, oil billionaires and aluminium smelters.

Golly! You mean that the APEC ads are full of shit and that these guys are really just meeting to better co-ordinate their plans to fuck over populations and planet? I would never have guessed. I mean, as soon as they hired the ditzy talking head former news anchor Anne Fulwood to be the spokesperson on matters such as globalization, terrorism, and the environment, I felt this warm glow.

You know – the warm glow that these world leaders and their convention centre bitches are getting the message. The people aren’t stupid. They want respect, answers, and honesty. As opposed to dumbfuck candy-ass Barbie brains mouthing empty platitudes to a soundtrack of neoconservatives slamming each other’s cocks in limousine doors while a banker sodomises a 7-year old war orphan with an M-16.

I support APEC. I’ll be there cheering every golden wink-wink-nudge-nudge. I will believe every good thing the newspapers and Channel 10 report from their press kits. I will get angry at the protesters who use the tactical advantage of being skinny, unarmed, beaten and arrested to disrupt an otherwise wonderful moment in the evolution of democracy.

I support APEC coming to Sydney. I AM APECKER.



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August 18, 2007 at 4:28 pm

Chance for Aussie bloggers to score 3!!!! extra readers!

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Cancer – An Extreme Alternative?

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As an ‘alternative health’ practitioner – trained, qualified, and practising in shiatsu – cancer in all its manifestations is one of the most confronting dis-eases I have ever had to work with. Although I can only imagine how it feels for family members or, moreso, the patient, I have lost friends to leukemia at very young ages, and sufferers have shared their stories with me in ways that are generous, brave, and heartbreaking.

It angers me to see people promising cures, whether from natural sources or laboratory wizardry. Many seem to be fantastic sounding, but on deeper inspection also happen to be money spinners. Read the rest of this entry »

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May 5, 2007 at 3:22 pm