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Malcolm Turnbull grabs shovel before Peter Costello’s body is even cold.

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Peter Costello has finally demonstrated the kind of leadership that the Liberal Party has sorely needed, by abandoning them to go to a BBQ… with high odds that he’ll be working for a major investment house within the next 12 months I’ll bet. Still, it’s only fair that somebody profit from the suffering he causes.

With Costello’s furrowed brow also goes the anointment spat from on-high by Long Gone John. No matter, humourless ass-hat Malcolm “I’m gonna take your balls and go straight home” Turnbull has thrown his hat in the ring, according to this article. Question is, when an ass-hat throws his hat in the ring, who gets to pull it back out? My bet is that he’s going to come out as deputy, but who to?

And who cares? They’re all skanks. Point is that the next leader of the Liberal Party will be someone who actually understands that they’ll never be Prime Minister (or President) of Australia. They’re just the ice-breaker who’ll get disembowelled by their own support-base after they lose the next election (if they’re allowed to stick around that long).

Hang on…. Why am I even writing about this? Let’s face it – Australia won, they’re screwed, schadenfreude now comes in community-sized buckets, and HA HA!!

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November 25, 2007 at 5:08 pm

Schadenfreude & fresh air!!! John Howard deposed!! Goodbye racists, hello Kyoto!!!

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What else to say!!!??? Check the previous posts for links to the numbers but with 12 seats still to be counted the Australian Labor Party under Kevin Rudd & Julia Gillard has taken 80 seats with Howard’s Liberal/National Party COALition on 56 and 2 seats to minor parties.




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November 24, 2007 at 8:29 pm

Election update #3: Big charge up the middle – ALP 58: COALition 37 !!!!!!!

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John Howard’s Coalition seem to be in the poop.

For the House of Representatives (our equivalent of Congress, for US readers… both of you) who ever plans to take Government needs to win 76 seats as there are potentially 150.

With 13% of votes counted, Antony Green has 58 seats to the ALP, 37 seats to Howard’s COALition, and 1 to a candidate for neither party. Some of these seats are marginal and with counting still in progress there will be swings. Also, in about 2 hours from now the Howard Government will begin to pick up as the numbers come in from the West.

Nevertheless, that leaves 54 seats up for prediction with the ALP needing to pick up 39, or roughly 75% of remaining seats, to hold Government. Labor (ALP) need to pick up 22, or less than 35%.


Get your comprehensive national coverage here or sort through these helpfully gathered links.

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November 24, 2007 at 6:37 pm

Australian Election – East coast booths close, exit polls tip Howard defeat

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Exit polls are tipping a 53-47 two-party-preferred vote favouring the opposition Labor Party, although the sample size and distribution isn’t made clear. Exit polling also tipping Howard to lose his own seat of Bennelong, although that was qualified as being based on a small sample (3? 300?).

In the ongoing grudge match between media, voters and politicians, media are down 2 nil. Apparently a disgruntled voter attacked an Age journalist with her car. Even though she was apparently aiming for Liberal Party campaigners this leaves the media lagging, with the earlier score coming off an Overington own goal. Voters and politicians are now neck and neck, with an outcome hopefully to be determined in the next 5 hours.

And play has been disrupted in Queensland where heavy rain stopped voting earlier than expected, possibly preventing media from staging a comeback by successfully attacking voters and politicians in the manner that they have for the last 6 weeks.

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November 24, 2007 at 5:18 pm

Australian electile dysfunction – therapy: we needz it!

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The LOL pols piksha pool is still happening over at Flickr groups, get belligerent – like these cunny funts.






















I luuuurve the Joe Hockey picture – perfect combination of an ICHC meme, an already funny photo, political sensibility, and a fat-joek. And wud ju luk at thee splelink! Iz shawking. Wee needz an edjumakashun rebolooshun fore shore!

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November 8, 2007 at 7:29 pm

How Rupert Murdoch’s “The Australian” rewrites political history…

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Just a brief post to point out something intriguing. Just reading an Australian election analysis by Possum Comitatus at New Matilda, which pointed out this amazing piece of Big Brotherly piece of ‘information correction’ by Dennis Shanahan – editor of The Australian – on July 10 this year.

Well, it may not have actually been on July 10. The ‘correction’ appears to have been made as it has become increasingly clear that The Oz’s insistence on a resurgence by an inspired and visionary John Howard is a load of piffle.

Check out the “Howard checks Rudd’s march” op ed that seems to have gone missing from the Oz archives:

But support for the Prime Minister has improved since he announced the commonwealth takeover of isolated Aboriginal communities and repeated his determination to “stay the course” in Iraq.

In the past week, Mr Howard has also linked his Government’s global defence policy with the attempted bombings in London and Glasgow and the subsequent police investigations in Australia.

According to the latest Newspoll surveys 61 per cent of voters agree with Mr Howard’s actions in the Northern Territory. Even a majority of Labor voters approve of the plan.

Which has been replaced by “Rudd relaxed about Howard’s poll comeback“:

But the political support for Labor remains solid and the party’s two-party-preferred advantage of 56 per cent to 44 per cent – based on preferences flows at the 2004 election – has not changed in the past three weeks. The opposition leader still holds a greater satisfaction rating, 60 per cent to Mr Howard’s 46 per cent, and Labor retains an election-winning lead.

Kind of like Miranda Devine pretending to have a soul in the hope of keeping her job in a somewhat less evil Australia.

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October 24, 2007 at 1:03 pm

Aussie Green Blog props LOL pols on Flickr (aka LOLiticians)

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…you get the idea. Check out the LOL POLS group on Flickr. Have a rofl or may a submishn. Currently is fun, but may evolve to status of therapy over next 5 weeks.

Thanks Greens – good tip! (Do check out the Greens blog by the way – is more down to earth than other parties’ staff-maintained MySpac pages).

COALition can not haz cheezburger!!! 

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October 22, 2007 at 5:39 pm