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Greenpeace screws donors and whales… again

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Just read the latest open letter to Americans from Capt. Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd. As the Shepherds head into the Southern Oceans to once again parry with the Japanese Whaling Fleet, guess who’s not helping.

From ,a href=”http://www.counterpunch.org/watson12122008.html”>this article:

But with all the talk about risks and dangers and all the talk of violence between whale defenders and whale killers, we must not lose sight of the fact that we are not talking about risk when it comes to the whales.

With the whales we are talking certainty of death. Unless we intervene, 935 Piked (Minke) and 50 Fin whales will die an agonizing death. We may not be able to save them all but we can save as many as we can with the resources we have available to us. If Greenpeace had agreed to work in cooperation with us, with two ships we could have the opportunity to shut down the killers 100%. But Greenpeace despite raising millions of dollars to send a ship down to the Southern Oceans has taken their cue from Peter Garrett and like Garrett they have reneged on their promises. Garrett gets to remain in office despite the disappointment of the voters who elected him to defend the whales and Greenpeace, well, Greenpeace gets to keep the money.

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December 15, 2008 at 2:57 am

Relax! US Economy is perfectly sound!

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… unfortunately the sound is

which really Adam Sandler howling “the price is wrong, bitch!” over the top of it. And somebody has gone and written an article at Bloomberg.com entitled, Bush says “U.S. using wide range of tools”

Isn’t that the problem? Biggest bunch of tools ever.

And speaking of douche nozzles, Mayor Bloomberg himself, mega-squillionaire mayor of New York City has been complicit in an 11th hour act of utter scumbaggery. Amidst all the noise of the $700B bailout with its associated $150B in pork products, lawmakers quietly buried legislation that would have guaranteed $5B in ongoing health costs for rescue workers made ill from time spent working at New York’s Ground Zero. Bloomberg supported the backdown, unwilling to cover 10% of the bill.

Makes it clear who the real sick f#$ks are.

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October 11, 2008 at 3:42 am