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George Carlin RIP, damn it.

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Just read this on Huffington and got to say that it has saddened and surprised me. There’s no point in comparisons, but George Carlin always sort of struck me as something like the bastard child of Bill Hicks and an alcoholic truck driver, only without the finesse and with ruptured haemmorhoids. Which wouldn’t make sense. Because he was older than Hicks. But the haemmorhoids would explain his infinite grouchiness.

For all his gruffness he must have had a heart, certainly one big enough to propose turning all golf courses over to public housing. And whatever disagreement other people may have had with his style and sass, they must at least acknowledge that Carlin, at least until Sunday June 22, 2008, was one of the only living American comedians of his generation – of most American generations, actually – who was both generous enough to point out that Mickey Mouse’s shorts are big and red simply to help hide his colostomy bag and wise enough to know what that meant – both symbolically and for his career.

Great life history of the man here at HuffPost. And Rachel Sklar has compiled a wealth of links to obits elsewhere in world and US media here as well as posting a fully transcribed interview with Carlin right here.

Full transcriptions are both a labour of love and a guarantee of readworthy answers so check it out.

Here’s a few good moments.

for a start, Carlin on Death

Carlin on Tyranny Americana

On needed upgrades for The Ten Commandments (hope these worked out for him)

On Countdown just last year in October with Keith Olbermann (the discerning newsviewer’s big-balled over-coiffed angry guy of choice)

And, of course….

Hard to choose some videos that do any kind of justice to his work and make them fit on one 15″ screen. Go and explore if you’re not familiar with the big fuckhead or if you’re remembering – either way, take your patient mouse and check these pages out.


*shakes head*


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June 24, 2008 at 1:11 am